Pre-Wedding Photography Session

Why is a pre-wedding session important?

When looking for a wedding photographer, you will likely notice that most photographers offer such a session, usually included with their wedding packages. To some couples, this probably seems like a waste of time and money; just one more thing to get done before your big day. This is really the wrong way to think about it.

A pre-wedding Photography session is very important for both the couple and the photographer.

Firstly, it allows time in a relaxed environment (relative to the wedding day) to get to know each other. This enables the photographer to be able to understand what the couple wants in their wedding photos and more importantly helps to increase the likelihood that they will catch those special moments that someone unfamiliar with the couple might overlook. The couple also has the chance to get used to the photographer (and their camera), so that on the wedding day everything will feel much more comfortable and natural.

Secondly, it provides you with a ‘preview’ of your photographer. If the first time you see your photographer at work is on your wedding day and they are unpunctual, disorganized or unprepared, it is really too late to change your mind and find a replacement.

Finally, the couple should not look at this session as one more task to be completed, but as an allotted time to just relax and spend some time enjoying each other’s company. It is a great time to be spontaneous and maybe even a little silly. Your photographer should be able to capture you being yourselves with each other. After all, it is those natural moments that you will be expecting you photographer to catch on your wedding day, not posed shots. It should be something fun and who knows, you might even get some wonderful pictures from it.

If your wedding photographer does not offer a pre-wedding session as part of their wedding packages, it is probably worth asking them why. Some photographers might not feel the need for it, or they may see it as extra work, requiring extra money to make it worth doing it. This does not necessarily say something negative about the photographer, but it is just one more bit of information you can use to help pick the photographer that is just right for you. Be sure that if you hire a wedding photographer who you are not going to get to see at work until your big day, that you are sure to double check photos from their previous weddings and to read comments from those couples. If you have the option, however, be sure and get that first person experience before your wedding day.

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