BAZI Reading DIY (Basic) – Video


  1. 12 videos you can learned at your own pace
  2. Total about 70 minutes of teaching and sharing on Qimen Bazi Reading
  3. You will be able to learn your core characters after finishing the lesson
  4. You will be able to understand yourself better and learn how to make your life better
  5. References material on the characters of The Doors, Stars and God symbols




Learn how to decode your own BAZI easily. In the videos series, you will be introduced to Qimen Destiny Bazi Reading that is by far one of the most accurate bazi reading and bazi analysis tool. With over 5,000 years of history, it have helped countless people in understand their REAL characters, their strength and shortcomings, what they will need to look out for and what are the things they show do to make their life much better.

In this BAZI Reading DIY Basic lessons, you will be introduced on:

  1. The history of Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi Reading
  2. How to download an app for QMDJ bazi reading
  3. How to configure the QMDJ apps
  4. How to find your day master in the app
  5. How to read your day master and your basic character
  6. Identify the different type of bazi character
  7. Understanding Fuyin and Fanyin Bazi Chart
  8. Understand what does moving horse stands for in Bazi Reading

At the end of this basic BAZI DIY course, you will be able to learn:

  1. How to use a Qimen App to do a Bazi reading
  2. How to read your friends and family members character very easily
  3. Understand the different type of bazi for a person
  4. Learned what are the Doors, Stars and God in the Qimen apps and what it means

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