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Qi Men Dun Jia Advanced Level

DateDayTimeZoneDurationsLanguageRemarks PricesStatus
3rd April 2024Wednesday7:30pm-9:00pm Singapore Time12 Months EnglishWeekly via zoomS$580/MonthClosed
There will be only 1 batch for Qi Men Dun Jia Advanced Class.

See some of the actual lessons from the links: Sample 1.

Qi Men Dun Jia Advanced concepts

  • In-depth studies of Stems and the implications
  • Stars and Doors inter-relationship
  • Heavenly Stems and Earthly Stems inter-relationships
  • Doors and Stems inter-relationships
  • The 6 Dun jia formula
  • Positive Combos and Negative Combos
  • 10 Stems Enter grave
  • 6 Punishments of Qimen
  • 12 Stages of Life
  • Xmas-Tree concept
  • Multiple versions of Fanyin and Fuyin charts
  • The 6 Punishments in Qimen
  • Yin and Yang cycle with combination of numbers
  • Fanyin actions and advanced activities

Advanced Qimen Divination

  • Asker status detailed summaries
  • Company setup status detailed summaries
  • Planning status detailed summaries
  • Financial and money status detailed summaries
  • Product status detailed summaries
  • Profits status detailed summaries
  • Alternative methods to see marriage and relationship
  • Third parties involvements, 2nd wife, kids divinations
  • Multiple job offers analysis con-currently
  • Divination on current job and future job analysis
  • Finding Missing person and items
  • Court cases, lawsuit divinations
  • Recovery of debts

Advanced Destiny Reading

  • Finding the real Noblemen in Life
  • Finding “Small People” in life
  • 15 years cycles and 5 years cycles of destiny
  • How to combined Destiny reading and divination together
  • How to use Numbers in Destiny Chart to increase wealth, luck and health.
  • Advanced Taisui clashing indicators

Advanced level in Qi Men Date Selections

  • Marriage date selection
  • Construction date selection
  • Moving date selection
  • Burial Date selection
  • Business open date selection
  • Interview date selection
  • Business Travelling date selection

Introduction to Qimen Feng Shui Forecasting & Auditing

  • Understanding the differences between Qimen Feng Shui and Traditional Feng Shui
  • The concept of Feng Shui Forecasting
  • Feng Shui Numbers and the implications in bazi
  • How to create harmony using numbers and surrounding
  • Understanding Doors Stars and Gods in Qimen Feng Shui
  • Useful Gods, sub Gods, Trigrams, stems, door, stars, Gods
  • Good combinations and bad combinations in Qimen Feng Shui

How to Register?

  • Take note that in order to qualify for the Advanced course for Qi Men Dun Jia, you must have completed the Qi Men Dun Jia apprentice course and will need to go through a basic test of understanding before being accepted as a student in the Advanced course. This course is by invited only.