Qi Men Dun Jia Chart Exercise 1


You boss is asking you if you are interested to take on a new role in a new setup company and head the company. Should you go ahead with this suggestion by you boss. Analysis the chart. Based on asker, answer, trigrams and element. Write your thinking and answer. And explain why and how you derived the answer in this group


Answer – Ding in box 8. With an emptiness, we only take reference 20-30% in box 8. The other 60%-70% will need to refer to box 2. Death door is the worst door in all 8 doors, indicating a 60-70% of a terrible and horrible things will likely to happen if he accept this offer. It also means he can be extremely unlucky. The 9earth reduced the “death” energy, however, a death door is still a death door regardless, it is still the worst door even it is reduced by the 9earth. A Tian Xin can means that the event has a hidden agenda by the boss. Hence, will need to find out more details of the job, company structure, who are the directors and shareholders involved. Trigram in box 2 indicates a slow and dragging situation, there is also an extreme YIN energy, indicate females energy or dark energy. With the Ding and Yi in asker box, I suspect there are many women issues that will create the problem of death door.

Asker – Located in Box 4. He seems to be a lonely person, with good leadership skills, someone who is slow is reacting. Minister star indicates he is an exceptional leader that can lead hundreds of people. Box 4 trigram indicates no-direction, so he do not know what to do at this point of time. Take note that there is a Yi in box 4. Indicating a older lady beside and below Yi there is a Ding, a younger lady, seems like ex-girlfriend, we can safely say that he got many women surrounding him~~ (Third parties)

Element Relationship, Asker (Wood), who is a slight negative energy clashes with earth, which reduce the death energy by some percentage, with his exceptional leadership skills, he is able to overcome and control the horrible results in the answer box to a certain degree. However the element of earth in box 2 is extremely high, it will be a very tough job for the asker to take on the task, if he takes on this job, he will face plenty of challenges which include third party relationship which might be happening in the office. This will create scandals and gossiping in office.

Verdict – Not advisable to take up this offer.

This is a sample Qi Men Dun Jia Chart exercise by Dougles Chan – Qimen Teacher