Emptiness in Qimen Dunjia (QMDJ)aka as Void, what does it mean?

Emptiness or Void is always happening in any Qimen chart, it is important to understand and know the real meaning of it so what when you read a Qimen chart under divination or qimen destiny, so that you will be able to understands the implications and meaning it has.

Emptiness in Qimen Divination (Void)

How does it looks like? In a Qimen Dunjia box, officially called the palace, you will have a “O” at the top right hand corner. The “O” can appear in any of the box from 1 to 4, 6 to 9.

See an example below:

The meaning – Represents the energy of the palace is being discounted, originally it is suppose to be 100% energy, but because of the emptiness (Void) which is represented by an “O”, the energy becomes 20-30% of the original energy.

This implies that you will have to take reference to the opposite box and palace to see the majority of the energy which are about 60-70%. See example below:

There is an emptiness (Void) in box 3, where we will focus on the opposite box which is in Box 7. Hence, in the divination for Qimen, we will have a higher percentage of 60-70% of the energy in box 7. We will still need to look at box 3, which constitute 20-30% of the energy. We will need to look at things from both prospectively.

Emptiness (Void) in Qimen Destiny

In a Qimen destiny, the meaning will be totally different compared to a Qimen divination, it will not involved in the 20-30% or 60-70%. In Qimen destiny, the Doors, Stars and Gods tells us a certain characteristic of a person, hence, if there is an emptiness, it means that we will still need to look at the energy opposite the box and look at the stars, doors and Gods in that box, in short, the person instead of 3 sets of personalities, he or she will have 6 sets of personalities.

This also implies that his or her character will change in different years and when the Taishui arrives in different year, the emptiness of the energy will be filled in the box and the original box energy will be 100%. When the emptiness is filled, this also implies great opportunities awaits in that year or month that are filled.

Advanced Stuff in Qimen Emptiness

Today, we are going to cover the topic related to this thing called Emptiness in Qi Men Dun Jia. How do we see the Emptiness that some people call the Void? How do we see whether this Qi Men Dun Jia chart is a valid chart or not a valid chart and whether this chart has a real Emptiness or a fake Emptiness? And what happens if it is a Taisui?

Today, I will give you one case study related to Emptiness and how the Taisui comes in if something happens during that year. This is a Qi Men Dun Jia chart based on this example.

In normal situations, we are supposed to look at the Hour Stem which is Gui.

That means we have to look at box 4 which is the respective answer that we are supposed to look into.

However, because this is an Emptiness which is a circle in box 4, the energy is actually no longer 100% in the Qi Men Dun Jia rules. So, we need to look at the opposite box which is box 6 to see what is the real energy in such a situation. We will have about 20% to 30% of energy in box 4 after being discounted. And we will have to look at box 6 which will be about 60% to 70% of energy.

We will typically look at this kind of information which is 20%-30% and then 60%-70%. From there, we do an overall answer analysis based on the given chart. This is a very typical way of doing a Qi Men Dun Jia chart. However, there are a lot of situations whereby sometimes this particular Emptiness is actually not a real Emptiness  during the year of Taisui. What is the year of Taisui?

In the Taisui year, there’s a specific stem or specific branch. In this particular chart that is being plotted, there are a couple of Taisui involved. In this case, the Emptiness in the year of Gui (box 4) and the year of Xin (box 6) actually will be filled. That means this particular Emptiness no longer actually applies any more. So, in this case, we have to see the chart in a very different manner whereby it’s no longer an emptiness. We have to look at box 4 as an answer for 100%.

Another way to look at it, whether it is Taisui or not, is to look at the branches. The branches every year will rotate depending on what is being reflected. In this case, the Emptiness is filled under the branch category for this chart only. We will need to look at Chen and Si which are in box 4.

And then we also have to look at box 6. What is the hidden year in box 6? It is She year and Hai year.

During the situation of Gui and Xin, any of this particular symbol actually reflected at that particular year. For example, in Xin year, when the chart is shown, we have to take into account the energy in box 6 overflowing into box 4. And then, they clash with the Emptiness and make the Emptiness actually disappear. So, in the case of Qi Men Dun Jia, we have to respect all the Taisui, which are the stems and branches. Based on that, we have to see whether this particular chart’s Emptiness is actually fake or not. In this case, based on the Taisui, this Emptiness is a fake, so we have to cross out the Emptiness. From there, we have to analyze the situation from a different perspective. There is so much to understand about this Taisui and this Emptiness for Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ). Thanks for reading.

You can watch the entire video below: