How I Become So Popular in Qi Men Dun Jia in Such a Short Time

How I become a Qimen master or even Qimen teacher in such a short time and then I actually penetrate to over 15 different countries around the world in a very very short time ? My name is Dougles Chan. I’m actually the Qimen teacher in the Qimen Academy in the internationally.

So I’d love to share with you some of the things which I like to go through with you and then to share with you what are the things that I have done to make myself to be a very popular and across the board in terms of internationally that I teach Qimen Dunjia. So I don’t learn Qimen Dunjia purposely in terms of it just comes to me along the way in my life and then from there, I decided that this is something whereby it’s very interesting and I want to teach people and how to use Qimen Dunjia for a better purposes.

So I also discovered along the way a lot of things whereby people need to know and then because when they need to know, they’re able to make their life even better, because when their life become better, their people around them better, their children are better, their stars are better, families are better. So that’s my intent. So knowing how to use Qimen Dunjia and make their life better that is my purpose, that is my intent. I want to share with them the tricks, the strategies, and the methodology to become better in their life. So ultimately this is how do I become so famous in such a short time. Well, I talk about it, I use video, I use YouTube, I use social media, I use Tik Tok, I grow from 0 to 20,000 subscriber or even followers within Tik Tok in less than seven days. This is something about I never never even thought about it and you know I never even think about it before.

But ultimately, this numbers actually is far far much more than my this YouTube subscriber, I over 1000 people follow me in this YouTube, nothing to be proud of or nothing to be bragged about; but every one of them are actually my real subscriber even like 5 percent of them are already my students. So eventually I also don’t need a lot of students, I teach individually, I teach group, and every classes I only have about 20 to 30 different people.

And eventually I also choose who they want who I want to teach, I don’t teach just anybody because I believe that this skill itself which is very powerful can help a lot of people. But if used by other people who have an evil intent or they may not be able to be very good in understanding the concept or maybe when they were to use Qimen Dunjia, it may not be beneficial for them, then I will have to reject them, I tell them that you may not be suitable or you may not be the best student to go into this particular field. Because they may take a long time to learn or even they use it wrongly and because of that the their life may not become better because of the wrong decision that they make and the mistake that they make under this category.

What I do is that my Qimen courses are actually quite long, easily talking about eight months for the Beginner, Advanced for 10 months, so total one and a half year gone. Even if I have a master program, easily it takes another three years.

So the thing is I make sure that I teach all of them sincerely and whatever thing that they learn is bits and pieces, but it’s very very systematic so much so that as long as they manage to complete it and not many people can complete it because it’s long, it’s tedious, and it’s very tiring. In my disciple class, I give a lot of homework so much so that sometimes some of them they cannot make it, they cannot take it but I want to polish them, I want to train them, because once they reach to their level in the ground is a real thing already. If I don’t polish them into a real master or real disciple that end over there is they will make mistakes. It’s bad! I always have this analogy, it’s always better to learn the mistake in the class first rather than you make mistake in real life. Because when you make mistake in real life, the mistake is not on you, the mistake is on other people and their life will change. Eventually it’s this, slowly people will become better, but not fast.

The faster you go, the worse it can be. So I will say that learning Qimen – it takes time, you can’t complete the whole course in two days. Mind you it doesn’t work that way, of course there are always a lot of people doing that, they try to complete the course within two days, three days, four days, one week, but eventually is do you really understand the concept, that do you really apply the whole thing correctly, not many people can do that. Objectively, many people who learn Qimen Dunjia, many of them they don’t really know what is the whole thing about, especially the application, maybe the knowledge yes, but application wise, the complication. Many of them are just very surface level, some of them may even learn the wrong information. So ultimately being successful is one thing, being knowledgeable is one thing, but how do you apply it to make a life differences that’s another thing. So anyway moving up to the story of how I become so famous you know and popular in in 15 different countries is that. Sometimes, there’s a straw of luck when some of my students in certain countries, they become my ambassador and recommend your friends to me. And somehow this one becomes two, two to become ten, you know, become more and more.

They’re ultimately I treat everybody with respect and whoever that cannot learn from me, I will just tell them you know it’s a very polite manner, telling them that maybe you’re not suitable in this industry or if you really want to learn, maybe you learn from somebody else. That’s how I deal with those students who wants to learn but I cannot teach them. But ultimately is always about sincerity, how genuine you are. I think that’s a lot of difference because whether or not this is a much if you see and saw my video, most of my videos are not very professionally done. I don’t get a videographer, those professional scriptwriter to do it, because I intentionally want to showcase my real person. Sometimes some of my videos are really very badly done but ultimately is as we go along, we improve bit by bit. But I intentionally do not want to get a professionally to do it, those professionals may make it until so Rara whereby it becomes very commercialized. I do not like this, I want to show you my real case, by a real person. I make a mistake in video, I continue, I make a mistake, I say something you know, I continue. Usually there’s no editing unless I say something very you know a big blundered within the video then there will be some addicting.

But ultimately is I showcase myself, real self to the other party and eventually people appreciate it, the people appreciate my honesty, appreciate my original, my creativity, and eventually people of the same wavelength will come to me and become my student. And eventually this is what we call the “law of attraction”, whatever energy that you missed out, it will come back to you.

So in anything that you do next time, be sincere don’t have to be too Rara, you know the kind of things whereby you make it until so professional whereby people can say that you are a salesperson. Yes I may be a salesperson, I can sell. But the thing is I also show my vulnerability, show my ability of not being perfect, nobody is perfect. Let’s put it this way nobody’s perfect. So honesty, discipline, original, and not being Rara, and of course maybe a stroke of luck and then from there things will start to pop up. Maybe if next time if you want to become Qimen teacher or a master or even in any other industry, these are the things you can take note of. Be yourself, be original, be authentic. Then from there, I wish you good luck in the journey that you want to be. Thank you very much!