Is Qi Men Dun Jia prediction accuracy very important?

Somebody asked me this question: Is the accuracy of a Qimen Dunjia prediction very important? Well, there are two aspects of this question that I would like to answer.

First is that of course technically the better the accuracy, the better we are able to make that’s a wrong decision and then we are able to use the information to make our life better. Second perspective is even though you know the answer of the question that you ask basing on the prediction or even a divination.

The thing is what is the context of and the content in it, that means if you know that this thing is not going to be good and we are able to see why is it not good, when is it not good, and how is it not good. Are we able to solve the problem?

I believe so because many times we must understand what is the underlying problem behind the situation rather than getting the accuracy correct. See knowing how to solve the problem is more important than getting the accuracy correct.

You must understand the the differentiation as long as we are able to find the problem, when is it going to happen, how is it going to happen and what is the real reason behind the situation and as a human being if we are smart enough, we are creative enough, we are able to change the core of the action, you see it’s going to change the core of the action, not avoid it but to make things better.

Because many times when we do a definition using Qimen, we understand that there’s a problem, there’s a situation that we need to solve but we don’t know what is the situation if we’re just basing on whether it’s a good situation or a bad situation, anybody who learns Qimen from any school of thought can answer that question. But not many are able to find the real answer behind it, the real answer meaning what is the real meaning behind it. What is the real problem and then from there basing on the context we are able to solve the problem.

You see it’s about solving the problem, it’s not finding the accuracy of the problem which is more important. If you can solve the problem but if you still get accuracy wrong, you solve the problem. But if you get accuracy correct 100% example but you cannot solve the problem, then it’s of no use. So this is my viewpoint from Qimen teacher point of view whereby accuracy in some cases may not be too important. It’s a matter of solving the problem, which is more important in this context. Okay thank you for viewing this video.

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