Learn Qi Men Dun Jia using PDF & Books

If you want to learn about Qimen, it is better if you can find someone who already knows about the foundation of Qimen instead of learning it from a book, an E-book or an article online. The book and the Ebook sometimes will not be enough because the author will not give you all the information that you really need to learn about Qimen and it will become very difficult for you to approach the knowledge.

And the reason for it, it’s because there are so many schools teaching about Qimen everywhere nowadays and each of them will focus on different types of Qimen examples day school, month school, or year school. You will not be able to see if what you are learning is correct, or effective until you use it.

Even before you use it you also need to know that all the methods, steps, and procedures you are going to use are correct is really important. If you are not using it in a correct way, at the end a lot of things that you try to use for destiny reading, divination, feng shui, data selection generated using the achievement chat itself will not be accurate at all.

Please just find someone who already knows about the foundation, the basic need to be in order to guide you along the way easier than most of the book or the author that is not sharing everything to you due to the commercial reason.

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