8 Heavenly Gods In Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 Explained In Details

8 heavenly Gods which are 螣蛇 Teng she,白虎 Baihu, 太阴 Tai Yin,值符 zhi fu,六合 Liu He, 九天 Jiu tian, 玄武 Xuan wu, 九地 Jiu Di in Qi men Dun Jia divination and qimen dunjia bazi reading.

Jiu Di 九地 (Nine Earth)

Symbolize Nine earth, mother earth, clam and peaceful. Slow in terms of reaction, melancholy and depressed. Usually someone who is not tall, stable, firm and honest. Some slow, low rise building, flat land. Someone who can be lazy, Big enterprises, companies, someone who had achieved very high position in life. If there is a 九地 Jiu Di (Nine Earth) when doing a Qimen Divination in health aspect, meaning that the recovery will be slow and steady. In the reference of a building, it will be strong and steady.

Jiu Tian 九天 (Nine Heaven)

Represents tall and high rise, sky and heaven. Someone with very strong character, active, set very high target, objectives and high goals, high expectations and very ambitious. Usually such people will be disappointed and will feel depressed and hurt themselves mentally or health wise if it combines with Harm Door Qimen 伤门 (Shang Men) within the palace. Such person usually are extrovert, impulsive and impatient who would like to see results immediately, using Qimen Bazi, we will be able to calculate bazi easily. When you see 九天 Jiu Tian (Nine Heaven), it is good for war, good for travelling to overseas using planes, car, trains. In the art of war, it is good to attack rather than defend, (Applies in business too). Generally this is a good and positive heavenly God.

Liu He 六合 (Partner)

An auspicious and positive energy surrounded, a very positive sign in the world of Qimen. Good for marriage, relationship, engagement, partnership, negotiation of deals. Represents marriage and partnership in business. Represents agents, middleman, salesman. Co-orporation, joint venture, teamwork, gatherings and can involved in many parties. In the court of law, it represent evidence and proof. For character wise, it is outgoing, easy-going and friendly.

Tai Yin 太阴 (The Moon)

Represent the dark side of the moon, darkness, secret and conceal. Dim and gloomy, overcast, cloudy, dull in colour, dark shade, trauma. In the situation when using Qimen divination, when you see 太阴 Tai Yin (The Moon), the situation will have something hidden where you are not able to see, hence, you will need to dig deeper to find out the real situations before making a decision. A spy, do things secretively, Basing on character, the person is gentle in nature, very much quiet, introvert, very detailed and secretive. Can also represent a nobleperson (贵人) is helping secretly. in the extreme side, it can also mean the person is very cunning and shrewd.

Baihu 白虎 (White Tiger)

In qimen dunjia analysis, it represents an inauspicious heavenly God, represents disaster and injuries. Links to harm, calamities, casualties, accidents, injuries, sickness and conflict. Character wise, likes to compete, can be very fierce, ferocious and aggressive, bad in temper and pretty impatient in nature. On the flip side, this person is very capable and can do big things, especially in business. With power and influence, with strong character. It also represents gather of wealth together.

Teng She 螣蛇 (Serpent)

Represent cunning, sneaky. Worries and problems, someone who is constantly very worry about anything and everything unnecessary. It also represents fake, false and unreal. Someone who can be overly sensitive, skeptical, shallow and suspicious in nature. Agile nervous, absent-minded in nature. It also represents mental disorder and not able to recognize what is real or unreal. A person that is confused. A person that say one thing but do another thing. The person can be very “poison” when they speak bad about other people. When using Qimen divination and when you see Teng She 螣蛇, the information may not be very accurate and changes will happen also very fast. Someone who likes to get involve in metaphysics. When you see Teng She 螣蛇 for health related matters, it would also mean the health is not recovering for a long time. Generally not a very positive God.

Zhi Fu 值符 (Leader)

The number 1 leader of ALL heavenly God. This is the best God to use if you are using Qimen divination or Calculate bazi. A leader, with authority, a boss, or high management. Someone with exceptional leadership qualities with authorities, if you are looking to hire someone to lead a team, and their day palace had a Zhi Fu 值符 in the palace, it will be a great hire. Someone who is steady confident and determined. Represents valuable, precious, noblemen or benefactors. It can represent a judge, an examiner, bank ,mood. Be careful of emptiness in the palace, if it happens, even the number 1 leader will lose most of the energy!

Xuan Wu 玄武 (Black Tortoise)

Inauspicious heavenly God, theft, and robberies. Represent minor financial loss. Good communication skill, quick witted and intelligent. Someone who is very prideful, and cannot lose face, someone fake and superficial. People who are Xuan Wu 玄武 (Black Tortoise) are usually presentable. May like to flirt around. Also represent bribery. Although it is not a good God, but if combined with good Qimen Doors and good palace, it can be a positive combination.