Qi Men Dun Jia the Doors (Eight Doors) Explained

8 Doors in Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 Explained in details.

The Qi Men Dun Jia The Door which have eight doors are named based on the qualities signified when the Yin and Yang, Five Elements and images of Trigrams are placed into the Nine Palaces. The following are the 8 Doors and their attributes:

Open Door 开门 (kai men)

Is about a brand new starts, the beginnings, renewal and the creation of new things. It symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. Matters will progress smoothly with minimal hindrances, especially if it involves pioneering endeavors. It also represents new opportunities, an indication for increasing wealth and positive change in career development. Represent a leader, Father. High authority, judge, Capital of a country, Represent job, career, shop, factory, company, Someone cheerful and Open-minded.

Rest Door 休门 (xiu men)

The Rest door represents activities which are recreational in nature or relaxing. it can also symbolize happy activities in general as well as nurturing relationships. Noble people who are helpful and smooth progression in matters are also represented by the Rest door. Represents family, Rest, recuperate, Bedroom, Inactive, Slack, idle and lazy, Someone easily contented, relax, Doesn’t like to compare and compete with others, Civil servant, Admin staff, Matters will progress smoothly with minimal obstacles, Good for recovery, rest, recuperate, Responsibility.

Life Door 生门 (sheng men)

Symbolizes the opportunities for growth and personal development. This in turn directly impacts one’s personal wealth or career progression. It signifies abundance in terms of the essential things in life. Business, wealth luck, Gains, Profit, Hope of life, Property and real estate, Someone intelligent, lively, energetic, vibrant, sociable and approachable.

Harm Door 伤门 (shang men)

Damage and harm inflicted on another are signified by the Harm door. It indicates the presence of setbacks and obstacles. Unfortunate outcomes in life are also represented by the Harm door. Represents all transportation, car, train etc, Sports and Athletics, Indirect, wealth luck, lottery and gambling luck, represents debt collection, seizure or capture, Harm, unfortunate outcome, feeling hurt and despair.

Delusion Door 杜门 (du men)

Represents the mysterious and unexpected outcomes in life which could include unexpected obstacles and hindrances. It may also imply the lack of opportunities as well as darkness and ill-fortune. Hideout, hiding direction, Keep secret, unrevealed, confidential, Blockage, obstacles and hindrance, Military, police, Taxation, Technique and skill, Can mean escape from bad situation if got good star around eg: “天辅”.

Scenery Door , 景门 (jing men)

Represent superficiality. It indicates the revealed truth behind matters which are hidden. It may also represent excellence and outstanding achievements. Bloodshed or blood related calamity, Documents, paperwork, certificate, exam paper, contract, Ticket, vouchers, receipt, bills, all paper with value, Represents gorgeous, luxurious, Nightclub or Bar, Strategy, management plans, someone who likes to plan.

Death Door 死门 (si men)

As its name implies, the Death door represents death and aging. It indicates non-moving or stagnated energies or Qi. It may also represent negative energy and the delay or interruption of progress in one’s endeavors. Lifeless, stagnant and non-moving energies, Departed, death, the dead or dead bodies, Represents open land, Represents tomb or graveyard, Disaster, calamity and bad luck, Egoistic, face value, Energy of an emperor: giving directions, never wrong etc.

Fear 惊门 (jing men)

The Fear door implies the presence of fear and suspicion, a mind clouded by anxiety, doubt and stress. Hindrances will be a source of frustration, creating uneasiness in one’s mental state. – Dispute, arguments, lawsuit, legal matters, In shock and panic, scare, Someone very good with words, Expressive, persuasive and articulate, Lawyer, actor, singer.

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