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Qi Men Dun Jia the Doors (Eight Gates) Explained (奇门遁甲) for Qimen Divinations & Bazi

Latest update on 5 June 2024

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8 Doors (8 Gates) in Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 aka QMDJ  

Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) the Doors (Gates) meaning for Qi Men Dun Jia Forecasting/Divinations and Bazi Destiny reading & Analysis:

** Doors and Gates means the same terms, the word Gate is used in the olden days where doors are commonly used in the modern days.

In Qimen (Understand what is Qimen), the Doors (Gates) symbols represents the opportunities available for a divination, it also mean the character of a person if you are using it to calculate bazi.

It represents a person “status”, the matter “status” or object “status”, it also represents the person luck and human relationships.

There are 8 doors/8 Gates which respectively are, Open Door 开门, Rest Door  休门, Life Door 生门, Harm Door  伤门, Delusion Door 杜门, Scenery Door/View Door 景门, Death Door 死门 and Fear Door  惊门.

Positive DOORS/Gates: Open Door 开门, Rest Door  休门 and Life Door 生门

Negative DOORS/Gates: Harm Door  伤门, Death Door 死门 

Neutral DOORS/Gates: Fear Door  惊门, Delusion Door aka as Obstruct Door 杜门 and Scenery Door aka View Door 景门

Things to Take Note on The Qimen Doors

Take note that for Qimen to be effective and accurate, there is a need to understand the 8 Doors/Gates, 9 Gods, 9 stars, especially their inter-relationship. the location the door is situated, the element of the palace, the inter-relationship between the palace door to the asker and the matter to be discussed.

*Just plainly looking at the basic explanation of the qi men dun jia door maybe good enough at the surface level, (For beginners) however, there are many other factors that have to consider to be very precise in readings.

The Qi Men Dun Jia The Door which have eight doors are named based on the qualities signified when the Yin and Yang, Five Elements and images of 8 Trigrams are placed into the Nine Palaces.

The following are the 8 Doors and their attributes:

Open Door 开门 (Kai men)

Open door – Kai Men is a positive energy

Metal element – Original Palace (Qian) 乾宫. Is about a brand new starts, the beginnings, renewal and the creation of new things.

It symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. Matters will progress smoothly with minimal hindrances, especially if it involves pioneering endeavors.

It also represents new opportunities, an indication for increasing wealth and positive change in career development.

Represent a leader, Father. High authority, judge, government jobs. Capital of a country, Represent a job, career, plane, career, retail shop, factory, company.

It means that generally your luck will be good. If you talk about divination the love will be very good. It represents something positive and good likely to happen.

This open door is also a symbol for career, a job so in the event you want to do any divination or anything related to Bazi destiny.

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It also can mean something related to a new opportunity in life and businesses or anything that is new, a fresh start.

However we also have to take note that this open door when we combine with other forms of this symbol may not be very good instead.

For example, when you combine with a partner whereby the relationship itself is going to represent this relationship there will be some separation. It’s a kind of representation so it may not be the best door in this aspect comparatively if you combine it with a partner itself.

Never assume that any door will be either 100 percent positive or 100 percent negative. There are always two sides.

Character: If you talk about the open door, this is talking about a character whereby this person is kind of an extrovert and open to new ideas.

Rest Door 休门 (Xiu men)

Water element – Original Palace: (Kan) 坎宫.

The Rest door represents activities which are recreational in nature or relaxing. it can also symbolize happy activities in general as well as nurturing relationships.

Noble people who are helpful and smooth progression in matters are also represented by the Rest door. Noblemen (贵人).

Someone retired. Represents family, Rest, recuperate, Bedroom, Inactive, Slack, idle and lazy, Relax lifestyle.

Character: Someone easily contented, relax, Doesn’t like to compare and compete with others, A civil servant, Admin staff.

Matters will progress smoothly with minimal obstacles, Good for recovery, rest, recuperate, Responsibility.

When you see Rest Door Qimen 休门 (xiu men), it also illustrate that it is a positive energy, which also says that it is a good time and opportunity to meet your superior, boss or noble people (贵人).

Good for marriage, take up a higher position in a company, good for business and building things/constructions. Family, marriage, love related matters.

Life Door 生门 (Sheng men)

Earth Element – Original Palace (Gen) 艮宫. Symbolizes the change in energy from negative to positive, a very auspicious door. the opportunities for growth and personal development.

This in turn directly impacts one’s personal wealth or career progression.

It signifies abundance in terms of the essential things in life.

Properties, real estates, apartment, condominium, business, wealth luck, Gains, Profit, Hope of life.

Character: Someone intelligent, lively, energetic, vibrant, sociable and approachable.

When you see Life Door 生门 (Sheng men) in a Qimen chart for divinization, is good for profits in business, real estate and other investment areas.

Good for jobs, constructions and marriage too.

Injury Door, aka as Harm Door 伤门 (Shang men)

Wood Element – Original palace (Zhen) 震宫.

Injury door – Shang Men is an extremely negative energy.

It tells us something is damaged, something is harmed. It can represent a setback or even an obstacle. It also tells us that unfortunate events are likely to happen if you do a divination.It represents transportation: cars, mrts, trains, aero planes, etc.

It also stands for sports and athletics.

It tells us something related to indirect wealth that means things related to lottery, gambling, 4Ds, Indirect wealth luck, lottery and gambling luck. Any wealth gain not from main-stream business.

It also means debt collection, seizure or being captured.

It is not suitable for marriage, opening a stroke or new business.

Be careful if you see an injury door if you do a divination or a date selection.

Someone who is injured, unfortunate outcome, feeling hurt and despair, physically, mentally and emotionally hurt. 

When using Qimen Divination in a Qimen Chart and when you see Harm Door 伤门 (shang men), it is not a good indications.

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Will not be suitable for constructions, travel, business, investment, taking up a new job, new task. Not suitable for marriage when you see Harm Door 伤门 (shang men).

However, when you see Harm Door 伤门 (shang men), it is a good sign for gambling, games, collecting debts, fishing and catching thieves.

When you see Harm Door 伤门 (shang men) and Tiang Chong (Impulse Star), 天冲星 together, please be extremely careful as accident will likely to happen.

If you talk about destiny reading, this person who is an injury door means the words coming out from their mouth are not very fantastic. an be aggressive and say words that will hurt people.

We need to understand that this group of people are somebody who may not be knowing that this is happening, they usually have no intention to hurt people but they strongly believe that being DIRECT will be the best representation for themselve. So it becomes very natural for them when they behave this way.

Character – C, sometime, they may not know that they are like this.

Obstacle Door 杜门 (Du men), also know as Delusion Door 

Wood element –  Original Palace (Xun) 巽宫 Represents the mysterious and unexpected outcomes in life which could include unexpected obstacles and hindrances.

It may also imply the lack of opportunities as well as darkness and ill-fortune.

Hideout and hidden, hiding direction, Keep secret, unrevealed, confidential, blockage, traffic jam, limitations, obstacles and hindrance, Military, police, Taxation, Technique and skill.

A researcher, technician, job that is in the room with less communications.

Can mean escape from bad situation if got good star around eg: “天辅”.

Character – They will keep to yourself, seldom will share with people. Introvert. Although Delusion Door 杜门 (du men) is not really a good door, but it can be use for escaping, refuge from disasters, hunting thieves, flood prevention.

“Du Men” (杜门), commonly referred to as the “Obstruct Door,” is an energy pattern in the Qi Men Dun Jia system that provides insights into a person’s character traits and preferences. The information you shared offers valuable insights into the characteristics associated with the “Du Men” energy pattern:

Introverted and Reserved Nature: Individuals influenced by the “Du Men” energy tend to be introverted and reserved in their social interactions. They may not actively engage in extensive social networking or openly communicate with others. Instead, they often feel more comfortable in solitary or smaller settings.

Preference for Solitude: People with a strong “Du Men” influence find solace and comfort in being alone. They are content spending time with themselves and may not seek out or enjoy large social gatherings. They prefer quieter and more introspective environments.

Hardworking and Diligent: Those under the influence of the “Du Men” energy are typically hardworking and diligent in their pursuits. They have a strong work ethic and approach tasks with focus and dedication. While they may not be the most outgoing, they excel in tasks that require concentration and persistence.

Slow to Open Up: Building relationships with individuals who have the “Du Men” influence might take time. They tend to be cautious and take a gradual approach to forming connections. Once they consider someone a friend, they are likely to forge deep and lasting bonds.

Avoidance of Sales and Business Development: People with a prominent “Du Men” energy pattern may not naturally excel in sales or business development roles. These roles often require extensive interpersonal interactions and networking, which may be challenging for those who prefer a more solitary and introverted lifestyle.

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Preference for Office Work: The “Du Men” energy suggests an inclination toward tasks that involve focused and methodical work, such as office-related responsibilities. These individuals may thrive in roles that require detailed analysis, organization, and independent tasks.

Compassion and Environmental Awareness: Despite their reserved nature, individuals influenced by the “Du Men” energy often have a strong sense of compassion and a desire to help others. They may be passionate about environmental causes and other forms of service to the community.

Valued Friendships: While it may take time to establish connections with “Du Men” individuals, once a bond is formed, it tends to be deep and enduring. They are loyal and supportive friends who prioritize meaningful relationships over superficial connections.

It’s important to approach the interpretation of energy patterns within Qi Men Dun Jia as a means of gaining insights into specific aspects of a person’s character. While the “Du Men” energy pattern highlights certain tendencies, individuals are multifaceted and influenced by various factors. The information from Qi Men Dun Jia can serve as a tool for self-awareness, career choices, and understanding one’s strengths and limitations.

View Door, 景门 (Jing men), also known as Scenery Door

Fire Element – Original Palace (Li) 離宫. Represent superficiality. It indicates the revealed truth behind matters which are hidden.

It may also represent excellence and outstanding achievements.

Bloodshed or blood related calamity, infection. Documents, paperwork, certificate, exam paper, contract, Ticket, vouchers, receipt, bills, information, all paper with value, Represents gorgeous, luxurious, Nightclub or Bar.

Strategy, management plans, someone who likes to plan.

Beautiful surrounding.

This view door/scenery door in Qi Men Dun Jia represents slight positive door, represents you should look for someone who is able to do good documentations

Character: Someone who is detailed and sharped. Follows step by step procedure, very systematic person.

Pay attention to FIRE around the environment or something that can trigger fire.

Death Door 死门 (Si men)

Earth element – Original Palace (Kun) 坤宫. As its name implies, the Death door represents death and aging. It indicates non-moving or stagnated energies or Qi.

A very unlucky door.

It may also represent negative energy and the delay or interruption of progress in one’s endeavors. Low mood, Lifeless, stagnant and non-moving energies, Departed, death, the dead or dead bodies, Represents open land.

Represents tomb or graveyard, land, haunted house. Disaster, calamity and bad luck,

Character: Egoistic, face value, energy of an emperor: giving directions, never wrong, he or she is always right, a person who never change. Compassionate and generous person, selfless attitude, gladly give up all their material possessions for the good of others, trustworthy and honorable.

Care deeply about the well being of those who are less fortunate and will always help them. never expect a reward for their kindness.

Ambitions. Independence is one of their most important rights.

Dispute Door 惊门 (jing men), also know as Fear Door

Metal element – Original palace (Dui) 兌宫.

Items that produces noise.

The Fear door implies the presence of fear and suspicion, a mind clouded by anxiety, doubt and stress.

Hindrances will be a source of frustration, creating uneasiness in one’s mental state.

Quarrelling – Dispute, arguments, lawsuit, legal matters, In shock and panic, scare.

Character: Someone very good with words, expressive, persuasive and articulate,

Lawyer, teacher, actor, singer.

Someone that will like get into dispute easily.

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