Qimen Chart 2021 Analysis

Based on the latest Qimen chart 2021, we will based on the Chinese New Year which falls on 12 Feb 2021. The general outcome of the year is represented in the box of Wu which is located at Box 6. Basing on the Qimen chart of 2021. It has Darkness, life and problem. The world is covered and surrounded with darkness due to the covid 19 which is happening everywhere in the world and with “life” it seems that there could be hope for the existing problems but with the “problem” symbol, it indicate the LIFE have problem, meaning the hope may not be useful at all. The problem star in box 6 also indicate problems related to health.

In the first half of the year, which represent by box 2, there is an emptiness, indicating the good energy is not strong, and will have to take more references to box 8, there will be more doctors coming to help but will face with obstacles that are fierce. Indicating non-co-operative and major challenges.

2nd half of the year 2021 goes back the box 6 which still represents the darkness and problem within the hope. Meaning that whatever solutions are implemented will face uncertainty and problems.

Overall, the year 2021 will have problems in health, which looking at the hope (Solutions) will be facing with skeptical and problems. Will be a very eventful year. With Wu and Ren combined in box 6, it seems to indicate rich countries will have water related issues, possible major flood coming?