Death Door in Qi Men Dun Jia

Death Door in Divinations

The death door in Qimen Divination represents bad luck in most of the cases. But it also has the positive side, the death door can be used during a bad event for example, when you want to bury a dead person, you must use the death door timing whereby this is going to be the best luck for the person getting buried and the family themselves.

In the cases of a bad event, you must not use the open door or a live door to make a decision, because it can turn out to be extremely unlucky, so you can see that a death door can also be a good and a bad in different situations. In the case of the destiny chart, death door represents a stubborn person, they only think about themselves, it will be very hard to change a person with a death door personality.

It will be really hard to change a person in a death door destiny chart, it takes time for them to change to new things. If you give them ideas, it will take them a really long time to change certain things. It will not be easy to convince them of something because they have their own mindsets of thinking, their thinking is different and hard to change no matter what you say to them, they will not accept it easily.

So if you meet a person as a death door, you should let them be themselves, you can give them ideas and let them be what they want. You should not be pushing and pushing them no matter what, just tell them what you think is good for them and let them change it by themselves.

In conclusion death door is the worst door to be associated with, and if you love a person as a death door personality that means your relationship is not in a good way and under Qimen, death door can be one of a piece of land that represents under Qimen for death door in Feng Shui.

Death Door Character under Qimen Destiny

In the divination death door is one of the worst energies and in destiny reading death door is not really the worst energy but it is talking about somebody who is kind of stubborn.

To make them change their mind, it is not easy.

They have their own principles and they only convince themselves rather than others their changes in terms of momentum are usually quite slow.

If there is a need to change them, they will have to consider they will think of all the good and bad advantages and disadvantages and from there, they will change slowly.

Most of the cases, they will take care of themselves, they will not care too much about the external. It is always about him first.

If you always push and push him to get things done, it is never be done because the death door person is like the wall in front of you, it is not easy to overcome.

It takes time to overcome them and it is just whether you know how to go about maneuvering it to make them more accommodating.