How 奇门遁甲 (Qi Men Dun Jia) can change your life for the better?

In fact, the idea is pretty simple, there are a 3 main components that can change your life:

1. Making Better Decisions

In our life, we are always making good and bad decisions. The bad decision that will make our life filled with problems and worries such as losing money, relationship breaks, bad investments, choose the wrong school to attend, bought the wrong house and many others.

奇门遁甲 (Qi Men Dun Jia) divination will be able to predicate what will likely to happen to your decision before the you act on it and you can base on the possible outcome to decide whether to go ahead with the path. In the event you would like to go ahead with the decision, 奇门遁甲 (Qi Men Dun Jia) will also be able to tell you how to go about doing it to make things work well.

If you are able to make better decision in our life, we will be able to make our life better, it is as simple as that. Check my story on how I changed my life.

2. Understanding Your Core Character and Life Cycle

Your core character is something that you always behave accordingly to specific things that happen, when you understand the core characters which might be a good character trail or a not so good character trail, then you will be consciously knowing what and how you will react towards a situation, you will be able to control the outcome of the event basing on your decision.

Life cycle is a cycle of understand what likely to happen as a whole in general in your life, everyone is unique and the life cycle will make you to be very “lucky” or “unlucky”. Because of this, when you understand what likely to happen in your life cycle, you will be able to control and managed it well because you know what likely will be happening in your life in different phases. This will have a great advantages to avoid potential problems and also amplify good things that will be happening.

With Qimen Bazi, we will be able to identify the life cycle and core strength of your life.

3. Finding Your Noblemen

Noblemen is a term used for people who will help you in life, it maybe more than one person that will inspire you, help you in many ways. Knowing who your noblemen is important as you would like to mix with the right group of people that will inspire you and make your life better, in Qimen Bazi, we will be able to identify who are your noblemen in your life.

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