Your ability to create a BETTER BRAND, generate more CLIENTS and SALES for your company, make more profits for your business, more importantly, the areas where you can save money, all these are learn-able and with the proper guidance and direction, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, save many years of “trial and error” hardship.

Understand how the business world works, the psychology of marketing and selling and how to expand your business to another level you have never dream of, is part of what you will learn to make your business more profitable and expandable.

One-to-One business coaching and training is customized to future or existing  business owners who would like have an unfair advantage compared to other companies out there, what you are about to learn not only save you 80%-90% of the cost of operating, it helps you to increase closure rate by at least 5 times.

What You can learn : 

  • How to name your new company basing on your USP and positioning
  • How to create and identify your USP and stay on top of the market
  • How to create a professional brand, logo and identity at at 1/100 of market price
  • How to create your company website at 1/50 of market price
  • How to use SEO to generate unlimited number of clients and candidates
  • How to generate good quality candidates using social media
  • How to market and brand your company using different marketing media such as SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ad, Linkedin profiles and more.
  • How to use technology to help to generate clients, job orders & quality candidates
  • How to use C-Marketing to create 3 times more sales and generate 100 of job orders in hours.
  • How to combine forest fire techniques and C-Marketing and triple the sales.
  • How to use QQ=QS to solve business problems.
  • Business ideas to improve your business
  • How to attract and hire great people and attract them to stay for a long time
  • How to motivate staffs
  • How to give a fair compensation and make good profits.
  • The list is non-exhaustive as the area of coverage can be quite wide according to individual and company needs and requirements.

Consulting Rates:

1 to 1 Consulting

  • 1 HR – $500
  • 5 HRS – $2,000
  • 10 HRS – $3,500
  • 20 HRS – $6,000

Email Consulting 

  • per hour @ $200.00


  • per hour @ $2,000.00
  • Within Singapore territory
  • Any other country assignment will be based on customized quotation.

Contant @ dc @ dougleschan.com or call +65-93880851 on your requirements.