Are You Ready to Be the Boss of A Recruitment Agency? (Part 1)

This article I am pretty sure will trigger a lot of attention as there are 2 groups of people that will be very interested, on one side, we have the existing recruiters who most likely wanted to become their own boss and on the other side, the existing recruitment agencies bosses who will want to know what I would be writing.
Anyhow if you are a current recruiter and you are planning or intending to start your own firm, perhaps reading the insight of this article may bring you some interesting lights.
Alright, this is what had happened, you had generate plenty of sales for your current company and you could be earning good money (Most of them don’t!) and commissions and you have the financial resources to start you own firm! Isn’t that great!!!! Oh yes it is…starting your own firm could be the best thing that could happen in your life, imagining having a company named after you and you have a great logo in front of the office…That FEELS wonderful…..
But hey….before we continue with this amazing dream……I need to let you know what you need to become a great boss of a recruitment company…..
1) Great Sales Records
This is pretty obvious, you ought to have already achieve some interesting sales figures consistently very month so that you will have the confidence and resources to use them to move it to another firm. If you are not achieving great sales now as a recruiter for other company, how would you be able to generate more clients and sales with your new company which has ZERO brand, no identity and NOTHING to showcase….Get the clients and sales in first, then we move on to the next step….

2) Defining Your Role

Are you a good sales person or a good operational person as a recruiter? The first role need someone who is more outgoing and the other could be someone who can sit in the computer for 12 hours everyday. What are you? What are you go in doing. Here is the problem, most people are good in one role and if you were to ask a sales person to do operational role, then he or she will not be efficient. On the other hand if you ask an operational person to do sales, very likely he or she will not generate even one client! Once you define your role, it will be best that you do the role that you are better in so that you can cover more and generate a better ROI compared if you were to do a role that you are not good at.

3) Willingness to Delegate

Do you dare to delegate task to a new staff? Many will have this problem because they will afraid that their staff might take away their clients or candidates if they know too much information. Here’s the problem, if you do not delegate, you only can cover THAT much….if you delegate, both of you can cover more…which one is a better choice? You decide…. SECURITY or MORE SALES ?

4) Delegating Skills

Well, this part is very important and you can relate them to point 2. If you delegate the selling part to an operational person, then the possibility of getting a good number of clients will be pretty tough. First you need to identify what category are the staffs better in so that you can ask them to focus on the area where they are good in. Many bosses would like to ask the consultants to do a 360 recruitment process so that by paying them a fix salary, they are able to do 2 tasks. Ideally, this is the best scenarios however in real life, it seldom can work very effective that way. Hence you will need to be bold and effective in delegating the right task to the right person and not all chuck all the task to the very few people…
Alright, it is getting late now; I will touch base on Part 2 later when available. Cheers!

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