Recruitment Coaching

1 to 1 Recruitment Business Coaching

  • Understand a successful mindset of a business person
  • Starting a staffing agency or recruitment agency
  • The pre-setup need for a staffing agency
  • Identifying the focus on industry basing on locality, trend, experience, and strength of recruitment business owner. 
  • Creating a brand and identity for your agency
  • Creating your identity with logo, website, social media platforms and blogging
  • How to use blogging to generate potential candidates and clients
  • How to SEO your website 
  • How to recruit good recruiters to your recruitment agency 
  • How to manage recruiters effectively 
  • Setting the KPI for your recruitment agency
  • How to build and lead multiple teams 
  • How to cut your operating cost and make over 70-80% profits in business
  • How to scale up your agency business to 10 people, 20, 30, 50 or 100.
  • How to scale up your agency business to other countries  

1 to 1 recruitment agency business are conducted face to face in Singapore or virtually via skype or whatapps for other countries.  Other private arrangements can be arranged.