Recruitment Strategies Using Email Marketing

Recruitment Strategies Using Email Marketing

More than 20 years ago when I am doing recruitment in ANY sectors, email marketing always comes to my top list of tools to recruit and source for candidates because it had proven time and again that it works and works very well.

Many companies go to the newspaper, magazine and internet job portals and social media to advertise and most of the times the results are not very interesting, one of the reason is that perhaps the platform they use are not the best or sometimes they are given the wrong impression about how effective it is.

Case 1:

One of my client many years back were looking for 3 inspection engineers for their shipyard and requested me to send them some recommendation.

What I have done is that I key in the information of the job description in the computer and send this information to over 5000 potential candidates in the database.

Within the next 3 hours, I received more than 10 applications for this position and within the next 2 days, the 3 positions had been closed by my side. Cost of advertisement : $0.00

Case 2:

The treasurer one of the MICE associations in Singapore called me and informed me that they are looking for an Executive Director because the current one had resigned and need to find one urgently.

Apparently I do not know any immediate Executive Director under my list but I know that the power of email marketing can create wonders.

I send the job alert to over 20,000 of my list out of 400,000, within 2 days, I received an application from a candidate that is currently in an automation association. I do the normal screening and filtering and send the profile to the MICE association and within the week itself, the Chairman of the MICE association met up with her and they gave them an offer.Cost of advertisement : $0.00

Case 3:

After the new Executive Director joined the association, the new Executive Director told me that they are looking for a marketing executive for their association and informed me about their requirements and budget.

What I had done are the same thing, I emailed the information to a list of potential marketing executives or related candidates and I received over 20 applications for the position.

Within 1 week, the case had been closed by my side. Cost of advertisement : $0.00

You see, the purpose of writing about the cases above is not to brag how good I am but to share that there are much better methods in recruitment itself and email marketing is one of them.

It is not just posting in newspapers or internet and you can get the candidate just like that. Many a time, even if you were to splash thousands of dollars in advertisements, the candidates just will not apply….

Remember, there is always a better way, sometime the method might not be new BUT most importantly, IT WORKS!  

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