Executive Search Consultant – Why 80% of them will resign in less than 6 months.

What is an Executive Search Consultant– In simple term, it is a higher level of a recruitment consultant when they focus on a higher level and charge higher fees.
They will focus more to middle to high level positions and apparently, they do not charge base on one month salary but charge base on per annum salary.
As far as I see from the current market situation, most of the Executive Search Consultants will not make it even up to 6 months, my saying might be strong but I have some valid points that one should ponder hard about it.
Here are some considerations:
1)      If the Executive Search company a new start-up or already in the market for awhile? If it is a new setup, the chances of the clients giving them the job order will be pretty slim.
2)      The skills level of the Executive Search Consultants. Are they able to speak well? Do they have high EQ? Do they have good telemarketing skills? Do they have good socialising skills? Do they have good PR skills? Plus many others….To be honest, most of the new Executive Search Consultants are lacking in many of the skills above. Even those who use to be a recruitment consultant for many years, when they move to the Executive Search level, the platform and the game rules are very different.
3)      The ability to communicate with the top level, this will take good solid corporate experience and people who are only 25 years old will have a hard time communicating with the top level because the top level candidates and the top level companies have that “attitude” where a young chap will not be able to handle. This will take corporate experience, industry exposure and plenty of “hitting the walls” to make it.
4)      Corporate Branding – This will depends on the budget available for the company, if the company believes that using the minimum amount of money can get the things done, I am sorry to say that it does not work that way in real corporate world. You need to invest heavily in corporate branding, get a good brand name, create a great logo, build a super website, let a lot of people know the company exist and consistently let the public know that you are there…this will need money but it is important to do so to be successful.
5)      Personal Branding- Most of the Executive Search Consultants do not pay attention to their own branding in term of how they speak, how they dress, what they say and they do not even have their own website about themselves and not talking about their own social network of “FANS.”
If you are not branded and famous in the market, you will be another one them…
It takes experience, exposure, hard-knocking and a good mentor that trains you EVERYDAY to make it happen. Success does not come easy. You need to be smarter, more creative, with some luck and if you have a good mentor guiding you, it will make your path very much easier.
Take care and good luck!

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