Financial Success in Recruitment Industry Reviewed by Fiona Chan

Financial and personal freedom—that is everybody’s dream. I must confess that when I started the review for this book, the first person who came to the back of my mind was this friend of mine whom I know was working as a recruit agent. I would love to shout out, “If your recruit agent is not doing his or her best to understand your needs or find you a great job today, show them this book today! If your HR department colleagues or subordinates are not performing well enough to earn a grade A appraisal today, show them too!” No one would reject an extra dose of booster, do they?

Whilst reading, I began to think of those people around me who have been constantly distracted by the recent bad economy and has chosen to focus on the repercussions of it. I wondered, why do people complain about getting bad jobs these days? Why do people find it hard to look for a job these days? Also, why are companies experiencing high turn-over rates when it comes to hiring? I say that this could very well be due to how recruit agents and recruitment agencies help their clients and candidates! If you are a recruit agent, I highly recommend that you give some attention to this manual here and use it to your best knowledge to help all your candidates!

I am sure people out there do love reading books that give us an idea. The very idea that speak for itself—that each and every of us are in charge of our destinies! Just like what Dougs had done here once again. As with his other manual, Job Seekers Power Manual, Dougs must have had a great time enjoying himself writing his life experience!

Boy, I wouldn’t have that kind of courage he portrays to put his personal real-life romance case studies in public light for us to do self-assessments! And I must applaud him for that as without these personal examples, some of us might not even be able to understand what and how we should self-reflect upon.

These are his secrets, and I confidently say that’s what makes this self-help manual works. It is written in such a way it is so easy to read at one glance and make the reader feel as if he or she is the author’s friend. One lasting effect of the book after one has read it is that anyone would have easily remembered its contents. Undeniably, he is the spokesman who brings us into his world and gives us advices in a non-threatening way, plus the efforts to summarize the main point at the end of each chapter.

Just how many of us would do self-reflections these days? I was just glad that I have picked up a wealth of information through his 25 chapters of “Been there, done that.”

Now, the author is a believer of “you can do something to change your life, and you must really get your butt out there to do something in order to achieve it!” I love the way Dougs is persuasive and sincere in telling us how we can change our mindset to make our lives change for the greater effect! Now, everyone can say that they know that theory too.

But not everyone can sound as positive as he is! How many of these people out there can really put it to practice and into reality? I do not hold the answer. These days, everyone is afraid of changes, aren’t they? We all need that burst of extra positivity in us, just like how this book certainly works for me.

Dougs’ idea is really a virus. It impedes your mind and makes one wonder how they can better their lives in time to come, especially in this bad economy and most importantly, it is easily an inspiring book for even laymen like us. For those aspiring HR personnel, this is a great treasure book which guides you to all you need to know about being in the recruitment industry. You can forget about being shy and approach your clients and candidates from now on with much more guts and professionalism!

If Doug can, you can too! Why not take it and see where you will end up? You are the only one who can change how things will be. Use it to your advantage!

Reviewed By Fiona Chan

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