How to Make the Market Tumour Work for You and Close More Sales.

In the detailed explanation of the Market Tumour in the book – Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, it is mentioned that the Market Tumour has three levels: one is from the clients, the 2nd is from the candidates, and the 3rd is based on the computation of both the 1st and 2nd Tumour.
With the tabulation, it actually makes it almost impossible for any recruiter or recruitment consultant to close more sales, let alone hit their KPIs. They would need to work even harder and may be able to close only 2-3 cases per month.
The math is not favorable to the recruiters or consultants in the recruitment industry. Even people who have many years of experience in the industry still fall into the trap of the Tumour itself.
Once a recruiter understands the basics of the Market Tumour, what he or she can do is to change the ratio of the clients to candidates. Once they have lowered the ratio from the normal 1:20 or even 1:50 and have moved it to 1:3 or even 1:5, the possibility of closing more cases will be very high.
Once they change the ratio of the client and candidate Tumour, the 3rd Tumour will automatically become less. Hence, the ratio will not be so daunting and then it is more possible to easily hit and even exceed the KPI set by the company.
It is extremely important that any consultants or recruiters realize the existence of the Market Tumour. Many do not know, and even those who do know fail to change the environment so the “problem” will continue to be there. No matter how hard a recruitment consultant or recruiter works, they will never win the Market Tumour.
The rule is simple – Know the rules of the game, and find a way to overcome them or even change them. Then you will have a better chance to survive or even excel in the industry.
The Market Tumour always goes against what the players are doing, regardless of what happens. Understand them, be friends with them, and eventually turn the tables around.
Good luck!

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