40 Awesome Tips to become a Super Recruitment Consultants

Want to become a SUPER Recruitment Consultants?

Here are 40 awesome tips for you to become super Recruitment Consultant:

1. Make sure your presentation skill is very good, without good presentation skill, you will not survive very long in this industry.

2. Learn your industry very well, excessive learning is always good.

3. Be friendly always, nobody likes to be with someone who is not.

4. Maintain a good relationship with your colleagues, especially your manager and your bosses.

5. Ensure your BIG boss likes you, or else you will not stay in the company for long.

6. You need to put your EGO in the recycle bin. There is no room for EGO in your desktop in this industry. :)

7. Working smart is better than working hard, working hard “concept” is already outdated. :)

8. Clients are very important, so are candidates, treat them well and with great respects.

9. Make a great effort to ensure you do a great job for the candidates you are helping; they will bring you plenty of great candidates you can ever imagine.

10. Learn the following technology, email marketing, blogging, Twitter Marketing, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Display ads, they will help you in many ways.

11. Learn what is C-Marketing, you will have an idea what is C-Marketing

12. Make an effort to do workout or exercise every single day for at least 20-40 minutes. Even walking for 30 minutes is good.

13. Read books out of your industry, at least 30 minutes per day, it will help.

14. Smile when you meet someone, even it is your enemy. A fake smile is better than a sincere frown.

15. Learn the art of creative writing, it will benefit your writing skills to attract more candidates or even clients.

16. Maintain good family relationship, a great relationship will bring your best self to your work.

17. Don’t jump to another company just because of an increase in salary or job title promised by the competitor. It will never be worthwhile in the long run.

18. Keep learning everyday, if you never learn, you will lose touch.

19. Most newspapers are full of gossip and craps….learn to filter what are important.

20. Understand you will have 10-20 “No” before you will get a “Yes” from the clients, hence, keep on going….never give up.

21. Gossiping is never beneficial, stop doing it.

22. Two heads are usually better than one, if you need to cooperate to get things done, so be it.

23. There is always a solution for every problem, do not just ignore the problem.

24. When it is working hours, please do your work. That’s all, nothing more.

25. Learn the 80/20 rules. You will go very far with this.

26. Never miss any chance to network with people, this alone will make you have wider network of friends, clients and candidates.

27. Always keep at least 10 business card with you, you never know when you really need them.

28. When you pass your business card to someone, tear the side of the business card or do something really surprising, this will make the other party remembers you.

29. Be humble when you are dealing with clients or candidates.

30. Get an Ipad or a Samsung tablet with the mobile internet connection; from there you can work anywhere. Even getting a 2nd hand tablet is worth it.

31. Download the Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin apps into your phone or tablets, it will increase your efficiency. There are some hidden features you will be delighted!

32. Get a coach or trainer that is able to show you the short-cut, it is always worth it in the long run.

33. Master the email system you are using, especially “outlook” there are plenty of available functions that are able to make your efficiency higher.

34. When dealing with clients, candidates and co-workers, remember the word SINCERE is very important, and use it SINCERELY.

35. Stay with motivated people, because you will definitely go much further ONLY with motivated people.

36. When problem arises, ask yourself, how I could make it better, don’t ask why is this happening to me.

37. Good questions will lead to good answers; bad questions will beings you to bad directions.

38. To earn $5,000 per month and earn $50,000 per month requires totally different strategies and methods. You will need to redrawn the drawing board.

39. You must know what you are really capable of doing, assuming is not always a great way to start. Sometime you will need a neutral third party to share with you some insights nobody will tell you. A good accountant is not a good businessman; a good businessman most likely is not a fantastic accountant. If you know what I mean.

40. Re-read this 40 great tips for recruitment consultants again, print this out and paste it on your desk. :)

An article by Dougles Chan – The SEO Coach. Also known as the Zhuge Liang for SEO. A SEO coach & mentor that specialized on coaching business owners in business and SEO. Author of 8 books. 25 years in business coaching & SEO. Focus countries will be in Singapore, USA, UK, Australia and others.  Written some articles on SEO for Recruitment agencies and riverfront residences.

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