Recruitment Strategies for Recruiters and Headhunters.

Recruitment Strategies for Recruiters and Headhunters.
Recruiting candidates, especially for recruiters and headhunters, is always a great challenge because the supply is usually very limited; and with so many thousands of recruiters searching for the same people, the task is not easy.
We would need to find innovative methods and platforms to find the right candidates.
Below are some platforms for recruiters and headhunters to use.
LinkedIn – If you have yet to use LinkedIn, establish an account with them at and set up your profile. Ensure your profile is done professionally with most of the information for the public to see. Connect with a few friends and start to explore who are the people you want to connect with. Most LinkedIn profiles are real and most people will respond to you when you approach them professionally. If you are a recruiter or headhunter, do identify yourself as one because the other party would like to know who you are before they respond to you.
Facebook – This is quite similar to LinkedIn, but LinkedIn is perceived to be more professional and on a higher lever. You can also start to connect with many friends on Facebook and let them know what positions you are looking to fill so that they can drop you a resume. – This is an interesting website that focuses on recruiting. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it is still not as popular, but it is being used by many people worldwide. If you are going to recruit people from overseas, this can be something worth looking into.
Twitter – Although it is one of the very popular micro-blogging platforms, it is quite amazing that many people in Singapore still do not know what is it about. Some of them know, but are not using it to its maximum potential. There is gold everywhere in this!  Look into it; harvest it, and you will be able to find it!
Email Marketing – An old horse that is still running very strong. Many people may know email marketing, but very few do it effectively. With over 20 years of experience with email marketing, all I can say is that if you are really good in this, you can make a HUGE fortune in it, because with this, you have the ability to reach a potentially UNLIMITED number of people in just a single click. With that, you can find almost anyone if you are recruiting in any industry, as long as you have the right database.
Personal Networking– Do not underestimate the power of networking. If you are doing your job exceptionally well, your friends and network will automatically pull their friends to you without you even asking for it. I have come to a stage where almost 30 people from the same company sent me their resume at the same time because I managed to find a great job for their colleague within one week at a salary above her expectation. That’s how powerful networking is!
May your recruitment journey be successful! Be Happy Always!

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