The Impact on the Recruitment Market after Financial Success in Recruitment Industry Was Written.

The Impact on the Market After Financial Success in Recruitment Industry Was Written
Many years ago, when I was writing the manual Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, I never realized the tremendous impact it would have on the industry and me.

Many people have bought the manual – Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, even though it is priced high at $89.00 for only an ebook. Even so, there are still many buyers out there who want to make a difference in their lives by learning from the Guru.

The manual – Financial Success in Recruitment Industry has become an icon of who I am and what I am.

The manual caused me to become known as “The Recruitment Guru.”

The manual inspired me to develop and create the training program “Recruitment Apprentice,” which not only teaches some of the secret strategies of C-Marketing, it actually enhances C-Marketing to a level I have never seen before.

In 2006, using C-Marketing alone allowed me to close 10-15 cases per month by myself. In 2010, after implementing the Recruitment Apprentice Training Program, I was able to expand C-Marketing, which allowed any user to close 50-75 cases per month, a rate that had never been heard of before.

What makes C-Marketing so successful in this training program is that it actually builds on existing work and maximizes its resources in order to actually close more cases using the same or even fewer resources.

When I taught the concept of C-Marketing to the recruitment apprentice class, the response was awesome! Many participants could not believe what they had seen because the method is so shrewd and cunning that one trick alone is equal to the efforts of five to ten consultants or recruiters!

To date, however, the number of people who use C-Marketing is still very low because most who have learned the concept did not follow through and got caught in the “X3 Trap”, something that I taught about in “Email Marketing Magic.” The “X3 Trap” is very deadly; many people know about it and talk about it, but still fall into it.

Even so, there are still a good handful of people who have already used C-Marketing aggressively and are laughing their way to the bank…

The moral of this article is this: Sometimes, you will not know the outcome of your action or decision, and fear itself will very likely stop you from taking the GIANT step you have wanted to take. The answer is to take the step anyway–what do you really have to lose? If the reward is going to be far much more than the risk, by all means, take the BOLD step and go for it. It will be too late 20 years from now to look back and tell yourself: I should have done it 20 years ago….

Take the GIANT step – Step out of your comfort zone, go for it!

I wish you success in every journey on which you embark. 

Dougles Chan

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