Constant Contact with Your Clients is The Key to Long Lasting Business Relationship

Are you constantly contacting your clients?

It really amazes me to see that many of my suppliers never contacted me after they secure their first business with me. Regardless it is a 5 dollar item or even a half a million deal. Perhaps they have other much bigger clients to serve or they just do not know how to do business. To success in any business, regardless of whether you are your own boss or working for people, you must always remember this important rule.

It is always easier to do business with existing clients than building a new client, hence focus most of your time on existing clients, it will never go wrong.

Why do you need to constantly contacting your clients?

1) Building Rapport and relationship
You need to keep constant contact with your clients so much so that they will feel more comfortable talking to you and the more you contact them the more tendency for them to get more connected with you. Even if it is only an email or even a 2 minutes chats, a direct message in Facebook, linkedin or even Twitter, It’s better than having it rather than not connecting with them at all.

2) Making Yourself Exist!

You see, if you never tell them or keep in constant contact or connection with them, some good clients may even perceive that you are out of business! If they have any new potential business deal, they may automatically give the business to other competitors! Remember that they are human and human are typically lazy in nature and if there is another supplier that is connecting with them at that point of time, usually they WILL give them the business!

3) Repeated and New Business Sales From Existing Client

Pretty obvious isn’t it, the same clients may award you with new business sales. They may even recommend YOU to their suppliers, clients or even other business partners. Never miss a chance in connecting with them. Even how small the value of the contract is not important, it is the potential that makes a lot of differences.

I have seen some salesperson that work on and befriend with lower value clients and got exponentially rewarded when the same clients when they actually grows bigger in sizes after some years when being awarded with big projects. Hence to be successful in your business, always remember to be CONSTANT CONTACT with your clients!

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