Hello..Hello…I am Looking for More Sales

Hello..Hello…I am looking for more sales

This afternoon I received a call from a middle aged lady that ask me what is this Recruitment Guru all about and I advised her that I do consulting, restructuring, branding, training and coaching to recruitment agencies and after explaining to her for over 5 minutes, she told me that she is a recruitment consultant that is looking for more sales….

Ok, I said….I told her that I do personal coaching and mentoring to address individual issues and also covert the person into TOP CONSULTANT and I told her there will be a one-to-one assessment after which then will decide how I can assist her and how she want to move on.

She asked what is my rate of coaching and I told her a rate that I know she will not be comfortable with (I deliberately do so because I know this kind of people is not the one I would like to train)

She further asked me what are the things I can teach her to make her sales even more and I replied her the following:

  • Multiple ways to advertise in jobsteets and jobsDB where even the expert do not know.
  • Using multiple social media to hunt for clients
  • Using EDM to mass email to candidates
  • Other special techniques not available elsewhere….
  • Plus many others…

The funny thing is that she asked me whether I can cover everything within 1 hour? I told her it is not possible because for one topic it will take me a few hours, she further ask me how old I am and a few other question that shows what “level” she is.

I asked her a question, how many job order are you serving every month?

She told me about 10, I politely told her that 10 is not enough and I strongly believe with her skill level is (Just by talking over the phone I will be able to make a conclusion) she will be closing cases where many people are going through: which is well, sad to say is ZERO.

Point to note: if you are using tradition method in a 360 full cycle recruitment, having 10 job assignment per month is absolutely not enough, you will need at least 30-50 job assignments per month to close some decent case. (Not taken in account the Market Tumour in the Recruitment Industry)

Apparently many recruitment agencies and consultants that are tradition are still not able to open up their mind to new ideas and new system to make the entire workflow better and faster by at by least 200%-500% times, it is not surprising though because even the system I taught all the consultants who are even in the industry for over 10 years, I can see that their jaws dropped when I show them how easy they can accomplished things with just a click.

The old system had been brainwashed into many agencies and consultants and they only believe what they are doing works like wonders but when things does not seems to turn out well, they work harder but things still does not turn around. When the time had arrived, either they will have to quit and raise the white flag….ans eventually the agencies will close down.

Apologised to the readers that I may sound arrogant but I just want to put across one point, the old system does not work anymore and no matter how hard effort had been put in it WILL NOT WORK!!!

Peace and Cheers!

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