Sample Bad Example on SEO Article

Some of your all might think that by “chunning” article, you will be able to get ranked in Google, you should understand that in this era of SEO marketing, it needs to be natural and sharable. Take a look at this following article and see for yourself, below is an example of a bad SEO article, always remember that your SEO services to your client will be affected by many bad SEO article, hence it is important to have quality articles.

SEO has taken part into an indispensable part of online marketing. Effective use of this tool can give wings to your online business while not using it in the right manner can play havoc with it. Although some people think that having a company website with relevant content is very important but it is not everything. Page ranking in popular search engine has become an extremely imperative part of promoting your website and drawing the targeted traffic into it. For this purpose, you need to equip yourself with the SEO tips to draw traffic to your site and to boost your business up.

Firstly, you should get inbound links for SEO purpose. If you have better inbound links to your website, the traffic of your website increase and you will get better ranking from search engine optimization. It gives credibility to your site and increases its traffic. Secondly, social book marking is another very important tip of SEO. It makes it easier for visitors to book mark your web pages. It also permits you to submit your website to the other social book marking sites and in turn you get extra benefit.

Thirdly, article Directory Submission must also be made use of for effective SEO. It assists you to build back links and is considered the best tool for internet marketing. If you have posted your article to other sites having reference, the reader will be redirected to your website from there. Fourthly, website directory submissions are also very useful for link building. Site maps are also very important part of SEO as it allows you to inform the search engines about various pages on your website. All the above steps help search engine to rank your page in the best and most effective way. Follow the above mentioned steps to increase you ranking.

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming fastest ever growing marketing methodology. As more and more businesses are turning to the Internet, it is becoming much necessary and imperative for them to market themselves on the World Wide Web. A lot of businessmen believe that a mere presence on the Internet is good enough to procure more customers, but the reality is quite odd to this one. SEO is dependent on the hard work of its professionals who must be champion in making strategies having a solid plan. Even though the strategic bases of SEO and traditional methods are similar, the mediums of marketing are quite different. Let us have a glimpse at both.

A traditional marketing method only targets a few audiences like advertising on news papers such as popularity, readership and business markets. Moreover, an advertisement is not possible to trace back after a period of time. Such circumstances can hardly paint out the full picture of the business. On the other hand, SEO on any website is an advantage. A website can hold a lot more information about the business. If you are being able to put at the top of Google by wake of SEO, it is itself a real credibility which can have a positive physical impact on your audience.

SEO optimized website is at the top of the pile speaks volumes about its excellence. It can go a long way to create a good will. With SEO, you can meet the needs of the audience after knowing there demands. This can underpin future strategies to market a website. SEO changes the scenario of the website completely. If your website reaches at the top in search engines, it is automatically found by customers. So, you can flourish your business a lot more with it. It is very important to follow its rules to make it possible.

Simple Techniques for SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is used for the promotion of online business of any sort. In this process, the web pages are structured in such a way that these can be swiftly and easily accessed, read and indexed by the search engines. SEO enables a marketer to promote the website of the company over the Internet.  If you are a marketer, just follow the following steps to get online presence and reputation for the company’s site and progress.

In this regard, the content of the web pages should be keyword optimized so that its relativity may be organized and assessed by the robots. SEO should have keywords rich content which must become accessible for the target customers. The keywords and phrases must be relevant to the business of the organization. For example, if you have a business of IT solutions, you should implement those keywords which will best decide your products or IT business. Moreover, you must have Meta tags in your website to optimize it in a proper manner. Meta tags comprise of Meta description, Meta title and Meta keywords. SEO will work when you have relevant products in your website.

You can include keywords in the first Meta tag, the title tag. Do not use the phrases and words which are unnecessary because it will cause your content to be considered a Spam. Furthermore, Meta keywords are used to have all the keywords in the content. SEO makes your website accessible to the potential customers and get online presence by following the strategies of right search engine optimization. The social book marking websites are very well optimized and these websites are cached by search engine daily. Try the above mentioned ideas in your daily SEO work and you can experience the change in the results yourself.

Wee, have you discovered what is wrong with the SEO article above? 

Here are some pointers:-

  1. Too many repeated words
  2. Quite a fair bit of grammar and spelling errors
  3. Although it does cover some basic SEO tips, it is quite DRY and not entertaining enough. 
  4. Readers will unlikely share this article
  5. The article don’t seems to have a real purpose. 
  6. The intentional BOLD of SEO is overdone. 
  7. If the paragraph can be separated further it will be more readable. 
  8. Adding more SEO related keywords will be ideal.

Well, good luck to your SEO company!

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