SEO and Business, what you need to focus on. The bloody Truth…

Some years back, I was approached by a company to help them in their SEO campaign to get their company listed in Google so that they would have good traffic and potentially receive more leads and, of course, more sale revenues.

I gladly accepted the assignment as I am an SEO freak, and, wanting to show the world how good I am, I took on the assignment at a fee of $18,000. Then I started to help them with the SEO campaign.

What happened was that when I visited the client’s place, I had the shock of my life!  

The main doorway and the main office area was totally dark, and the whole team actually worked in a smaller room that was only able to accommodate up to 10 people.

I asked the boss:

“Err…how come the lights in the front are not switched on?”

He proudly said that he needed to save money on the electricity.

I scratched my head.

I asked: How much could he really save by doing that?

One hundred dollars per month? Hmm…

Further, to my surprise, while I was helping them in the SEO campaign, he actually looked at the long light bulb in the office and calculated the watts.

Out of curiosity, I asked him again, “Why are you looking at the bulbs?”

He proudly told me that he had done intensive research on light bulbs and found that the lower the wattage, the lesser the consumption of the electricity.

“Ooo…that is something interesting,”

I replied, trying to be polite.

Then he told me that he could switch off this bulb, that bulb and this…to save some money…

Hmm… I asked myself, “What is happening here?

Why is this bloody idiot, who has an MBA, focusing on light bulbs, when he could be using the time to do something better and more productive?”

My goodness!

I went to the restroom and started to bang the walls in order to vent my frustration.


Luckily, the toilet was far from the office and I don’t suppose anyone in the office heard my banging noises!

After successfully getting their company website to the top three position in Google, I ended my project with the reputation in that company of being the SEO Guru because I managed to tear down the old SEO analysis done by another company (which was supposed to be the expert), and showed them that what they were doing was 100% wrong.

Anyhow, back to the MBA-CEO of the company: although the company was receiving very good traffic from the website, the last I heard from the ex-staff was that the company is no longer in operation because the boss had used all his funds in focusing on MINOR things that were not productive and did not yield any sales results.

Although this example is very extreme, it actually happened in real life.

My key point is this:

The bulb is not important (Minor things), the sales are important (Major things).

Without sales, even if you use a candle, you will still not be able to survive.

For the sake of the business and everything else, focus on major things and not the BULB!

Question: Do you major on major things or minor things?

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