The Major Shift in Recruitment Methods Focusing on Social Media

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These days’ Social media websites help you with not just finding long lost friends but in getting a job as well.

It is interesting to observe the way in which recruiters have exploited these “social” networks to reach out to a wider audience, the way job-seekers have responded to the growing phenomena and most importantly how the job market has evolved in the midst of this trend.

Online recruitment industry dates back to 1994 when Jeff Taylor founded employing through the social media is a relatively new phenomenon but it is picking up really fast. In March 2012 Research Now conducted a study on behalf of Jobscience, (Bullhorn acquired Jobscience) a Talent Relationship Management company. ‘Social media sites are changing the way businesses look for talent;’ they found out based on a survey of over 150 HR executives, directors, managers etc. They believe that social media will help them reach better-qualified candidates.

Thirty-six percent of these officials were sure to increase the usage of social media towards recruiting, in the year 2012, as compared to 2011. Although this survey was undertaken in the United States of America, we can be more than sure that a similar situation is present in other developed as well as developing countries with increasing penetration of technology.

Employing companies are building organized efforts towards creating their positive image on the social network. They are engaging with the cohort so that by the time there is a job opening, the candidates are at least familiar with the basic features of the company.

LinkedIn, a social network created with a focus on professional engagement; is the leading platform for this purpose today. 86 percent respondents of the Research Now survey believe so.

On the other hand, potential employees are also using these channels to gather information about prospective openings, relevant people, company profile etc. In a way, this is helping them to ‘be in the loop.’ This method is improving inclusion by bringing in candidates who might not otherwise have access to this information. It is also facilitating the symmetry of information.

Facebook is currently in the second leading position in this space with 51 percent of respondents giving this response and the newly-developed Google+ secures the third position with a mere 26 percent.

A third and very important player in this are the online recruiting companies. All the leading global as well as Indian portals are making social networks their primary target towards reaching out to the candidates on behalf of recruiting companies. Facebook or LinkedIn presence and reach are becoming their key marketing attributes.

The time has come when an ‘unemployed’ and ‘jobless’ person can spend any amount of time on Facebook. For those accusing him of wasting time, he might just say that ‘I am looking for a job there!’

In the long term; and must I say that in this speedily evolving world of World Wide Web long-term could just be a year or two, we can hope that this interaction through the social media will also maximize the quality of the job-employee matching. And who knows, by then the analytic scientists might also build tools to evaluate a prospective candidate through their social media presence!

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