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Ten Heavenly Stems Characters and Descriptions in Qi Men Dun Jia

Today, we will talk about 10 Heavenly stems which is one of the important topics for Qi Men Dun Jia.

The 10 stems in Qimen Dunjia are 10 celestial stems that represent the yin and yang of the universe and are used to describe the interactions between heaven and earth. You should understand what the 10 Heavenly stems are, what they look like, and what the meaning of each Heavenly stem is.

What does it really mean by a stem?

A stem represents a person, a thing, or an object. When you see some of these symbols of stems in a particular Qi Men chart that you plotted, it means a person, an object, or something that is beside you.

Each of them will have their own particular meaning. It will be good for you to try to understand the real meaning behind it, and from there, you will be able to interpret what it really represents when you see a specific character of this symbol within your Qi Men Dun Jia chart in the box.

We will also cover how this Qi Men Dun Jia comes about in this lesson, and from all these basic symbols, you will be able to understand why these words are derived.

These 10 Heavenly Stems

  1. Jia (甲) – Yang Wood
  2. Yi (乙) – Yin Wood
  3. Bing (丙) – Yang Fire
  4. Ding (丁) – Yin Fire
  5. Wu (戊) – Yang Earth
  6. Ji (己) – Yin Earth
  7. Geng (庚) – Yang Metal
  8. Xin (辛) – Yin Metal
  9. Ren (壬) – Yang Water
  10. Gui (癸) – Yin Water


Jia (甲)

Jia (甲) folks are a fascinating bunch, brimming with confidence and a go-getter attitude. They’re the ambitious types, always forging their path, not relying on anyone else. What’s cool about them is how adaptable and flexible they are – they can switch gears without breaking a sweat.

Their creative juices flow non-stop, and they’re so hyped up and outgoing, it’s infectious! But here’s the kicker: they’re not just dreamers, they’re doers. They’ve got this knack for solving problems and thinking outside the box.

Plus, they’re super organized and efficient. And get this, they’re not afraid to take risks – as long as they’ve crunched the numbers! They’re like the CEO of their own lives, setting goals and knocking them out one by one.

Yi ()

Remember, Yi (乙) is always representing a woman, can be an older women too. A TCM physician, winding path, zigzag and wavy. It also represents certain information when you see this Yi (乙) within the palace.

Life Stem Yi (乙) is all about emotional depth and intuition. They’re incredibly sensitive and perceptive, tuning into vibes others might miss. Just like Jia, they’re imaginative and creative, but Yi’s creativity leans towards the artistic side. They’re self-sufficient and flexible, smoothly adapting to any scenario.

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What’s special about them is their knack for communication and problem-solving, but their real superpower lies in relationships – they’re ace at teamwork and empathizing with others. They’re visionary, always looking ahead, and they’ve got this amazing ability to listen and understand perspectives.

Compassionate and caring, they’re the peacemakers, excelling in negotiations and managing change with an open mind. Yi’s secret sauce? Finding those harmonious solutions that keep everyone smiling.

Bing ()

Bing (丙) stands for fire, red, third party (a male in relationship), eye, small intestine.

Life Stem Bing – Imagine a “Bing” (丙) personality like a fireball of enthusiasm! These folks are all about that lively energy and spark. They’re the go-getters, always on the move, and totally confident about it.

Creativity is their jam; they’ve got this knack for thinking outside the box. Oh, and social butterflies alert! They love being out there, meeting people, and soaking up all those connections.

You know those eternal optimists? That’s them! Always seeing the glass half full and diving into new adventures. Passion? These guys have it in buckets. They’re like natural leaders, you know?

Goals? Oh, they’ve got them mapped out and are hustling hard to make them happen. That’s the Bing crew in a nutshell—energetic, creative, and ready to set the world ablaze!

Ding ()

Ding (丁) is weak, faint fire, red tint, third party (female), women, electronic, phone, IT, heart.

Life Stem Ding – Think of a “Ding” (丁) personality as a fire – energy and passion! These guys are seriously creative, always cooking up new ideas.

And energy? They’ve got it but not as great as a BING person.

Charismatic? Oh, they’re the ones who can light up a room.

Optimism? It’s their superpower!

Setbacks? They bounce back like champs, resilient as ever. Adventures? Yep, they’re up for the challenge!

Confidence? They wear it like a crown.

Leading the pack? That’s their thing, and they’re laser-focused on their goals.

That’s the Ding squad – full of fire, creativity, and unstoppable drive!

Wu ()

Wu (戊) stands for wealth, wealthy person, cash, capital, blockage, sweet, stomach, and muscle.

Life Stem Wu – They’re like the poster child for reliability and practicality. These folks are as steady as a rock, persistent in everything they tackle. I mean, they’ve got this disciplined vibe, always organized and methodical. You won’t see them giving up easily; they’re strong-minded and super patient.

They’re like the definition of hard workers—diligent and honest to the core. And here’s the thing, they’re straightforward and sincere, no beating around the bush with these guys. But despite all these qualities, they stay humble and down-to-earth, respectful and friendly to everyone.

Generous and empathetic too, always ready to lend a hand. Plus, they’re crazy productive, modest, and seriously thorough in whatever they do.

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Ji ()

Ji (己) stands for earth, soil, hill,, spleen, pancreas, and small tissue if we talk about the body part.

Life Stem Ji – These folks are the epitome of responsibility and dependability, always staying grounded in practicality and realism.

Hard work? That’s their playground; they’re diligent and super organized, almost like efficiency experts. But what sets them apart is their conscientiousness and reliability—they’re the ones you can count on. Plus, they’re thoughtful and considerate, paying attention to every detail and being super thorough.

Patience and persistence are their secret weapons, coupled with a confident and assertive attitude. They’re independent and resourceful, oozing creativity while being trustworthy and honest to the core. Communication? Nailed it.

They’re great talkers and even better listeners. Add to that sensitivity and understanding, intuition and insightfulness—they’ve got a knack for reading between the lines. But here’s the kicker: they stay modest and unassuming despite all these qualities.

Ambitious and determined, they’re flexible and adaptable, always balancing and harmonizing situations. Plus, they’re empathetic and compassionate, the ones who bring the warmth into any room.

Geng ()

Geng (庚) stands for men, metal, hardware, obstacles, and police. If you see somebody who is a Geng in a palace in the Bazi reading, we can also safely say that this person usually has a hard time in life. They will go through a lot of things in life. So, it will be kind of uneventful, however, being a metal, it will be able to overcome the problems and challenges ahead.

Life Stem Geng – They’re seriously strong-willed and determined, with independence and self-sufficiency running through their veins.

Confidence and assertiveness? Yep, that’s their trademark, paired with an ambitious and driven nature that’s downright inspiring. They’ve got this magnetic charisma, persuasive and charming as can be. Plus, they’re resourceful and creative, adapting and flexing like pros.

But here’s the kicker: they stay practical and grounded, reliable and oh-so dependable. Organization? Efficiency? They’ve got it covered. Sensitivity and intuition? Check. Passion and enthusiasm? They’ve got that fire burning within. When they focus on something, it’s intense, and their support and generosity are unmatched.

Communication? They ace it, listening and speaking with finesse. Intellectually curious, they’re not afraid to dive into the unknown. And talk about adventurous—they’re daring and open-minded, courageous and honest to the core.

Xin ()

Xin (辛) represents small items, metal objects, hard and small articles, mole, prizes, mistakes, jewelry, or spicy.

Life stem Xin: These individuals are a blend of independence and resourcefulness, self-sufficient and creatively inclined. Confidence and assertiveness are part of their charm, paired with an unstoppable ambition and a knack for persuasion.

Practicality grounds them while they stay adaptable and reliable, organizing their world with efficiency. But that’s not all—Life Stem Xin folks are sensitive and intuitive, their passion and enthusiasm shining through their intense focus.

Their generosity knows no bounds; they’re great at both speaking and listening, with an insatiable curiosity and an adventurous spirit. Open-mindedness is a given, coupled with courageous honesty and unwavering determination. They’re strong-willed and courageous, a force to be reckoned with in every aspect of life.

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Ren ()

Ren (壬) stands for clear, clean water, a water movement, salty, and urinary. If you see some people who have this Ren character, at certain points in the year, when the energy is activated, this person will generally like to cry more often compared to normal days. So, sometimes it can be a very emotional person.

Life Stem Ren – They’ve got this incredible blend of independence and resourcefulness, always finding their way and oozing creativity in everything they do.

Confidence and assertiveness? Yep, that’s their natural charm, driven by an ambition that’s practically unstoppable.

They’ve got a practical side that keeps them grounded while being adaptable and reliable, mastering efficiency in their world. But wait, there’s more! Xin people are incredibly in tune with their sensitivity and intuition.

Their intense focus magnifies their passion and enthusiasm, and let’s talk about their generosity—it’s boundless.

They’re stellar communicators, ace listeners, curious souls, and adventurers at heart. Plus, they wear open-mindedness and courageous honesty like badges, showing unwavering determination in all aspects of life. Strong-willed and courageous, they’re a true powerhouse in every sense!

Gui ()

Gui (癸) represents dirty or contaminated water, accumulation of water, and kidney for health.

Life Stem Gui – These individuals are the epitome of diplomacy and tact, coupled with a charisma that’s simply enchanting. They exude independence and self-sufficiency while effortlessly adapting and flexing to any situation. Resourcefulness and creativity flow naturally in their endeavors, accompanied by a confidence that’s assertive yet approachable.

Communication? They’re experts at both talking and listening, grounded in practicality and reliability while maintaining an organized and efficient approach to life. But that’s not all—Gui individuals are incredibly sensitive and intuitive, blending visionary innovation with intelligence and insightfulness.

Their charitable nature and philanthropic spirit make them idealistic and imaginative, always generous and enthusiastic in giving. They’re open-minded and accepting, yet remain modest and unassuming in their charming attractiveness.

Top Stem and Bottom Stem in Qi Men Dun Jia

The difference between the top stem and the below stem in Qi Men Dun Jia Chart When you plot the chart, in every single palaces beside the number 5 which is in the middle, there are two different symbols that one is in the top and one is in the bottom at the right hand corner and these things are called the stems.

There are totally 10 stems and because the Jia is hidden so it will not be shown in the night palaces. These stems are going to be randomly generated within the boxes. What does the top stem mean?

The top stem is talking about the current status and the future status which is going to happen.

What does the below stem mean?

The below stem is talking about the past which has already happened.

Technically, the below stem is called the Earthly Stem, the top one is called the Heavenly Stem. And when two different stems combine together, it creates a certain chemical reaction which tells us the different meaning.

Qi Men Dun Jia Wallpapers – 10 Stems

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