How I Discover Qimen and How it Improves my life

By Viet.Tr March 23, 2022

Every single one of us is affected by the thing called ‘Fate’. A lot of people assume that when you were born, your life had been determined. But is it so? If someone’s life is one-way then what is the purpose of it? If it is unchangeable then why do we need to try to make our lives better? In this article, I will tell you how I found out about Qimen, an ancient form of divination, that gives you the power to maximize your fortune in life, and I’ll tell you how it changed my life.

The story of my life

I don’t remember exactly when I had the concept of spirituality. I just know that the more I find out about it, getting to know about the Universe, astrology, how the energy works, to make the right decisions, the easier my life has been since.

My date of birth is February 2, 2002, which contains A LOT of number twos. I was born in a regular family, none of my family members had any ideas of spirituality, astrology, or birth chart analysis. I hadn’t thought so deeply about my faith until the day I found out about numerology. In numerology, my birth chart is described quite clearly, about how the numbers affect my characters, destiny, career, and relationships…

My birthday is not supposed to be a good birthday because it contains too many 2s and it lacks other numbers. Looking into the analysis of my birthday, I have found out that this field is interesting, not only in numerology but also in spirituality overall, that was when I dug deeper in getting to know about nonphysical knowledge such as energy, Tarot, healing, geomancy… and one day, I found out about Qimen, which helps my life much easier and more wonderful.

My lucks started to thrive since the day I discover Qimen

Before Qimen, I spent my time inquiring into many other forms of spirituality like Tarot, astrology, the universe… after I had gone through a

trauma back then when I was 18. There was an event that completely changed the way I look and feel about EVERYTHING.

I was desperate, upset, confused when that happened. I asked myself: ‘Is your life going to be like this? Do something! Find the answer!’ and suddenly, a lot of sources of information just came to me like a storm. That was the first time I’ve ever known about the definition of higher power, that humans’ lives are affected by the power of the Universe, of the many invisible factors. The more I found out about them and apply them to my life, the better my life got. Moreover, since I have known about spirituality and become mindful, I received a lot of synchronicities such as repeated numbers, symbols such as butterflies and so many guidances in my life so often that I know they’re not just coincidences. Those signs have guided me a lot and I feel that life is just so magical when you start doing something, be open for help.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist ―

And just about the late of 2021, I was recommended by a friend of mine that I should follow an Instagram account called @dougleschanqimen sharing tips about using the energy of the good days, time, colors to improve the quality of life. I followed and immediately got caught up in the guidance that Teacher Dougles Chan, a Qimen master shares based on his knowledge.

Qimen is a key to a wonderful life

Following Dougles Chan’s sharings, I realized that you can change your fate just by knowing the suitable time to make decisions. By following his forecast on everyday energy, I’ve learned that there is time that is lucky and there is also the unlucky time. By using the right time to do the right thing and avoiding the bad time, I often do things very advantageous and everything I did following the Qimen energy always brought great results.

Also, knowing about Qimen makes me find out about my lucky colors for each field like study, career, love life,… and by picking the right colors for my own, I have a lot of advantages and good luck coming to me.

By following Master Dougles Chan and reading his sharings, I am now aware that human destiny is real, but there are tons of ways to make your life go into a better path, by using Qimen.

Qimen is not only about divination or fortune-telling, it is not only about telling that you’ll be poor or rich. But it guides you in using the energy to improve your life, leading it to a better way. Sometimes, your destiny tells one thing, one result, but how you do things to achieve that result is all up to you. Or you can avoid bad things from happening to you just by knowing and using the energy based on Qimen and making the right choices, taking the right actions.


To conclude, Qimen encourages you to be the one who controls your  life, using divination, forecasts, and energy analysis. It is not a form of just future telling and the end, not guiding you to create your better life, that’s not how Qimen works. I’ve just learned some basic things about Qimen but they have already changed my life in a very positive way. If you are having questions about your problems, I advise you to find the answers yourself. Try to apply Dougles’s tips in your life and see how it works out for you. I guarantee that it’ll be all worth it!