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How to Brand Yourself as a Professional Recruitment Consultant/Recruiter

Many recruitment consultants/recruiters who are working for a recruitment agency or working for themselves had never thought that self-branding is very important in their ultimate success or failure in the industry.

When I was talking to many consultants and owners or the recruitment industry,

I always ask them 2 basic questions that they are not able to answer, these are the 2 questions:

1)      If I am the client, why should I give you the business?

2)      If I am the client, why should I give you the business exclusively?

For many recruitment consultants/recruiters, question number 1 is already quite tough to answer, some of them who are more experience will be able answer the first one but when it comes to questions 2.

Many of the really do not know how to answer that question at all!

If you are not even able to answer the 2 questions above, how do you expect people to give you the business and sales?

It just does not work in real life, you can continue to do cold calling via telemarketing, email marketing, social media marketing and other available techniques but at the end of the route you will still hit the WALL and the same question will goes back to you….


Part of the answer is related to Self-Branding, which is to say how the clients perceive you to be, what you are and what can you do. You see, the keyword is “PERCEIVE.”

It may not be a real thing but how the other people think of what you are.

If it is for good, then it will be great but what happen if the self-branding is on the negative side and you do not even know about it, would it be very sad to know that the client perceive things that you are not into it and you do not know why this is happening?

My friend, in real life, it is always happening everywhere especially if you are not strong in your self-branding.

Let me ask you a very straight question, did the company you are with now tells you how to brand yourself and position yourself in such a way that you are special, unique and one of the kind and not just another recruitment consultant out there?

Well I dare to say over 95% of the people out there will tell you the following steps:

1)      Find the client and get the job orders

2)      Find the right candidate and forward them to the clients

3)      Close case and hit your target (KPI)

Err….excuse me…where is the branding? It seems that it is not even there at all…

Yes, it is totally not in the equation at all, they will not ask you to brand themselves because the company is the brand, but do you know that YOU are also a BRAND by itself and you are not even making any effort branding it?

Ask yourself this important question:

If you have a great brand do you think your clients and candidate will follow you wherever you go?

The answer is a definite YES!

Well, apparently we seems to have answered part of the 2 questions which was asked above, isn’t it?

Here are some proven methods that you can do to start branding to another higher level:

1)      Play the level you want to play – That is to say that you choose what type to clients and candidates to serve, not the other way around. Do not attempt to take all the clients who are available and choose what kind of candidates you want to recommend.

2)      Your Niche – If you perceive as one of those consultants out there, you will be treated like anyone of them, when you are positioned as one of them, you will end up like one of them. Choose and focus on the industry, function, category and level you want to play and able to play. Do not attempt to enter an area which you are not familiar or un-comfortable, you will not go very far on that.

3)      Act like a champion – Regardless whether you are meeting a client, wear like a winner, talk like a winner and think like a winner, eventually your habit will make you to become a real winner.

4)      Market Presence – Get your own website, your own domain name if possible then put your picture, information and everything people need to know to let them know you exist. Make your own facebook fan page, Twitter, Linkedin,etc…

5)      Blogging – Talk and write about things in your industry that showcase that you are a professional and expert in what you are doing, remember that you must always give something before you get something in return.

6)      Finding your identity – Once you have position yourself on what people what to perceive you, brand it and let people knows who you are.

For example, when someone come to my website @ they will automatically see me as The Recruitment Guru and when they visited my website long enough and more frequently enough and when they think of recruitment guru next time, they will automatically relate to- >  Dougles Chan…that is how powerful branding is!

7)      Search Engine – Well once you started to brand yourself, put some effort in branding your own website in the optimisation part and there will be more people knowing who you are and what you do.

Do you know that some clients and candidates “Google” you when they make some contact in Linkedin, email or other social media with you? If your name is not even in “Google” it shows what “level” of branding you are at….

If you were to search The Recruitment Guru, you will notice that my website is at the top page of the local Google search page and also the first page of Google International. That shows the level of “branding” it has on “The Recruitment Guru” itself.

Branding is a long term effort and the process will be pretty much tedious and bumpy but you will need to put some effort every single day to ensure it is working.

Happy Branding….

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