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How to Find Recruitment Agency Clients in the Gulf Countries Such as Saudi and Qatar

Some weeks back, i received an email that is seeking for some assistance to search for clients in the gulf areas and with that we can actually learn a few things with this example. Here is the letter below, identity and user information had been deleted for confidentiality issues.

Dear Chan,

Hope this mail gives you good Health and prosperity to you.

I came across How to Find Good Clients For Recruitment Agencies Consultant .

Me working as Sr.HR – xxx Recruitment and now am searching for vendorship’s / clients in gulf countries. My company starts before 3 years nearly and we are unable to get clients properly. kindly suggest me how to approach the clients we are not that much advertised company….More over i have some mails to the company heads but no positive response from them . we tired by sending sample CV’s also but no use….

Thanks and regards-

After emailing with him for a few times, here are what I have advised to him:

  • The website he is having is apparently looks somewhat cartoonist, hence it does not create the trust and reliability to potential clients, always remember that the website is your front, if you are not able to get the best website, you will unlikely able to generate good enough number of clients.
  • He mentioned that he had emailed to over 50 potential clients, well, all i can say is that 50 is way too low. Compared to every time i do an email blasting in less than an hour, easily it can reach out to over 10,000 potential clients.Always remember that email marketing, the responds rate is around 0.5 %, hence 0.5% of 50 is ??? Compared to 0.5% of 10,000. Now you can see the HUGE differences?
  • He mentioned that he is new and not able to reach out to big clients, this self “sabotage” belief should be eliminated, the fact is that being new or small will not be a factor to determine whether you are able to get the big clients, as I have shown to many players in the market that as long as you know how to position and brand yourself such as the company I had helped: iPro International, which had transformed them from a small local player into a giant corporation in term of perceived value. My point is this, you don’t have to be deprived from big clients compared to the big players ever though you are small or new in the market, as long as you know how and what to do, you still can play the game the same level with the bigger players.
  • Another points to take note is the in the Gulf countries in the Middle East such as Saudi and Qatar, the way they do things are somewhat slower pace compared to Singapore, hence the responds time will be slower and sometime not even any responds, at such, constant follow up and persistence are needed to ensure that the potential leads can be converted into clients.

Hope that the tips above will help you in finding more clients..

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