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Recruitment Consultant Hitting the KPI – Company plays a BIG Part Too!

Well, I have always wanted to write about this topic because many recruitment consultants and headhunters ask questions about hitting the KPI. The question is from the viewpoint of the consultants, and they will certainly need to make the extra effort to hit the KPI. But I have another perspective: shouldn’t the company play a big part in helping the consultants to hit the KPI? Well, I am not trying to say that the company will need to do the sales, but come to think about it, is the company giving enough support to help the consultants achieve the target? Let’s review here carefully:

1) Does the company have a great brand that encourages clients to have better trust in the company?

Let’s ask a very honest question: Do you use an iPhone, iPad or even Sumsung Galaxy or even Notes? Do you trust the brand? Absolutely! Why is that? It is simply because you have perceived them to be reliable companies that produces quality products. Let’s turn the tables around–if there were another provider for phones and tablets that sold at the same price or even lower, would you buy the product? Probably not. You might consider it, but would most likely not buy from this company. My point is this: if the recruitment company is not making any effort on their branding and positioning, will the potential client even give you the opportunity to meet up with them? The answer is pretty obvious isn’t it?

2) Does the company provide a good working environment?

I am quite surprised to see many companies that are selling high-ticket service items but put their office in a remote, inaccessible place for consultants and candidates. The offices are built in such a way that makes you think the company has no budget for a decent chair! How do you think the consultants will be able to work in such environment? How do you think the consultants will feel when they meet potential clients? Do they have absolute confidence and 100% certainty in the company and the services they are providing? Most likely there will be a certain “discount,” right? I believe you get my point.

3) Does the company provide adequate training for the consultant?

To be very honest, most of them will give the consultants a crash course that may last two or three days, after which they are on their own. It is unlikely that the company will give any further training than that, simply because they do not see the need for it. Let us look deeper–is the consultant really good at sourcing for clients? Are they really good at interviewing? Are they really good in the industry? Are they really good at sourcing for candidates? Are they really good at negotiating with clients and candidates? Are they really being taught in this area? And even if they are being taught, are they really good at it? My point is that most of them are not good in most of the areas I mentioned above. If the consultants are not even good in those areas, can you honestly say that the consultant can hit their target?

4) Does the company have good leaders to lead the consultants?

If you do not have a good leader on the team, do you really think the consultants can excel in their roles? Remember that the when the new consultants come in, they will always model the leader on what they are doing, even the KPI itself! Also remember that leaders who are good in hitting KPI are not necessarily great leaders. Being a good leader is not about the KPI, it is about being able to help the consultant to excel in their work, to lead, to motivate, and to set good examples. Many so-called leaders who hit the KPI are not really leaders. They are good at hitting KPI, but they are not being trained to be a leader. The good news is that it can be learned. Leadership takes time, practice, and guidance. The skills themselves are learnable.

To sum up, the consultants need to hit the KPI, however, the company can actually help them by giving more support. With the right support, consultants will feel more motivated and confident in their work and eventually will be able to hit the KPI!

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