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Hi, thank you for coming to my website, my name is Dougles Chan and people called me The Recruitment Guru and I teach and coach people to start and run a profitable, executive search, headhunting and recruitment agencies business.

Are you looking for the best headhunter in Singapore Headhunters are considered to be the most important tool for searching executive jobs. These executive firms search for a suitable candidate for their clients, and if the company selects that particular candidate, they get a commission in return.

Headhunting is a tough job, as they have to search for the best candidate on the market. They consider the requirements about the candidate that are the right fit for the job. In fact, they can be responsible for the beginning of specific projects for clients.

There are about 3670 licensed recruitment agencies operating in Singapore. They contribute to a vital role in the development and the better future of Singapore. Nine of the best headhunter in Singapore which I have compiled personally and many of them I have met and have coffee before are listed as follows: The orders are not in merit though.

Intellisearch is a leading recruitment and HR solutions brand in Singapore that is synonymous with quality results and with an unwavering commitment to serve throughout all stages of the recruitment process and beyond. Each client is served by a dedicated recruitment consultant who displays genuine compassion to ensure peace of mind for the employers and their human resource leaders. This is because we, too, understand how it feels when it comes to finding the best talent at the right budget – and we make it simpler, and hassle-free.

Next…. we go to

3C Synergy: This is a remarkable headhunter website and is famous for construction jobs. It provides specialized services for jobs related to real estate, architecture, property, and many more. It has professional experience in dealing with diverse clients from banks to contractor firms.

Third, we have:

Aegis Recruitment: It is not easy to understand the complicated job market. Sometimes, you need consultants to perform this task. Aegis Recruitment provides excellent consultants who have several years of experience. They work efficiently according to the strategic plans of the clients. They believe it is necessary to understand the needs of clients as well as candidates. They not only meet the needs of clients, but also helps candidates in the development of their career paths. (Do take note that they are quite focus on Japanese placement are they are from Japan)

Recruit Plus: Incorporated in Singapore since April 2004, RecruitPlus knows the local market well to connect you with the top talents of the right fit. Experience the award-winning plus-sized professional service with a difference. Set up as a one-stop service provider for all HR-related services, RecruitPlus provide permanent and contract search services, managed HR services, consultancy and training to assist our clients in facing the unique challenges of their respective industry.

DP Search: This has been serving the clients for over 20 years. It is very focus in  the information technology sector, and explores the best executives. They are always focused on achieving excellent results in a short span of time. As I have serveral coffee session with Andrew, who is the owner of the firm, I find him to be very focus, honest and can be trusted when you are looking for a technology headhunter to assist you.


Egon Zehnder International: This is a distinctive consultancy firm around the globe. It is currently operating in thirty-nine countries, and they have a total number of 65 offices. It is consistent in providing excellent services to clients.

Energy Resourcing: This is an integrated provider of recruitment services.  It particularly caters to the “resources sector” around the world.  It continuously strives to provide the best consulting services so that the ultimate satisfaction of the client can be achieved.

Spencer Stuart: This is a prominent headhunter website established in the year 1956. It is currently operating in 29 countries with a total of 53 offices around the world.

And finally…..

Russell Reynolds: This is a notable executive search website. They have a total of 38 offices, and they employ professionals who understand and meet the needs of their clients.

Here you are, nine of the best headhunter in Singapore.

Wait…there is one more entry – Talent Merge, a new executive search company that focus in marine, onshore and offshore oil and gas placement, with over 11 years in the oil and gas industry, if you are looking for someone who KNOWS the industry of oil and gas, this will be the one for you.

You can visit their website at

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