The Process of a 360 Role Recruitment Consultant/Headhunter.

Many friends and recruitment agencies bosses and recruiters were asking me to write the entire process of the role of a 360 recruitment consultant/Headhunter so that they have the overview of the specific steps so that they can follow and do the process properly. Well, apparently many people are “processed” people! This is for them and for you who might benefit from it:

The Process of a 360 Role Recruitment Consultant

  1. Identify what type of clients you would like to target
  2. Research the potential clients company details
  3. Approach the potential clients by calling them
  4. Arrange to meet up with them
  5. Meeting up and doing presentation
  6. Convince the client to give you the business
  7. Getting the job order and job description
  8. Study the job description and the requirements of the client
  9. Place advertisements
  10. Source for right candidates
  11. Receiving resumes
  12. Filtering resumes
  13. Interviewing candidates
  14. Modification of the resume
  15. Make recommendation to client
  16. Follow up with client
  17. Arrange the candidate for interview with client – 1st round
  18. Follow up again with client
  19. Arrange 2nd interview (If any)
  20. Follow up again with client
  21. Close case

Well, here it is, a 21 steps process of a 360 Role Recruitment Consultant, as far as I see, many people will not be able to fulfilled well in EVERY steps because they may not have the right skills, education, experience, techniques, strategies and shrewdness to get the job done.

That is why many recruitment consultant/headhunter had been finding difficulties to close cases. It is not that they are not hardworking, it’s just that they are not shown the proper steps and procedure to get the things done at a more effective way.

Another thing I would like to mention is that not all consultants/headhunter is able to do all the steps from 1 all the way to step 21.

Lets face a fact, if you ask a person who has a computer background and ask him to do presentation to convince client to give him the job order, will he do a great job?

Most likely not. If you ask a salesperson to sit on the computer and do networking for the next 6 hours, do you think he will grow mad?

Or if you get a person who have not done telemarketing to call 100 companies to introduce the recruitment agency services, do you think he will quit the next day? I think you get my point….right?

The solution

Place the right people at the right position and maximize the potential of the person, if he or she is good in sales, let him or her do it all day, they will love it!

Ask them to face the computer for one full day and they will say:”Go and die…I quit!”

You see, it is extremely important to understand this and this is not a theory or concept, it is pure logic. 🙂

Many people may argued that they cannot hire too many people for different roles, well all I can share it that putting a person to excel will yield better results as a whole.

You will need to work out, change or expand your budget, change your commission structure, system to make it work. The old method DOES NOT WORK anymore. PERIOD.

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