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Why You Should Use Facebook Ads for Recruitment.

Facebook ads have become extremely popular in the recent past that even companies like Coca-Cola and Ford are praising it. Not just for increasing sales, Facebook ads are also helping companies recruit the right kind of staff. Though this is not a traditional channel for recruitment it is definitely giving good results to the employers. Let us now see how Facebook ads help in recruitment:

Fish at the right place: There is no doubt that Facebook has the maximum number of users and is one of the largest social media websites. The number of users are said to be much more than all the other social media sites combined. It has been recorded that about 500 million people login Facebook every day.  With the help of Facebook ads one a reach the targeted users and therefore contact the largest ever talent pool at one go.

Targeting good candidates: Facebook ads can be created with a wide range of criteria namely location, age group, educational qualification etc. By targeting the select group for example targeting the fresh graduates of a particular university the recruiter can reach their target audience even more specifically.

Even if the ad is not specific to a particular skill set or education Facebook ads still help the recruiters to find the right person for their company. The major advantage here is many of the applicants would be from qualified and genuinely interested candidates.

Low cost of recruiting: Facebook charges on a per click basis. So, you will be charged only if someone clicks on the recruitment ad. As it is assumed that people who click on the ad are only those who are interested in the job, the cost of advertising will be less when compared to the target group.

Attract interested candidates: There are many potential candidates who are not active on Facebook. Passive candidates are not very happy with their current job nor do they want to spent time and effort in looking for a new one. Facebook ads are said to catch the attention of passive users as well and the recruiters thus get very good candidates from here. Research shows that recruiters are interested in such passive candidates as these candidates are good for mid-level and senior level positions.

Building of talent community on Facebook: Facebook Ads are said to increase the traffic to your Facebook page. When the traffic that visits the page finds interesting and relevant information they will start liking the page. This helps in creating a talent community. People who like the companies Facebook page are generally those who have similar interests as that of the company. Such people can easily imbibe in the company culture and prove to be very good employees.

The conclusion is that Facebook Ads help recruiters find the best possible candidates. The targeting mechanisms followed by the company helps in getting the best candidate. It is also a low cost and highly effective method of recruitment which even supported by many corporate giants across the globe.

An Facebook Marketing article by The Recruitment Guru – Dougles Chan

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