The SEO 1901 Pre-launch

The SEO 1901 – Formula for 100,000 visitors to your website. By Dougles Chan – SEO Master Shifu

The latest book in digital format will be launched in March 2019 where it will show you the specific steps to get over 100,000 visitors in 12 months. You will learn the latest SEO techniques that are being used by the SEO Master Shifu, Dougles Chan, who have ranked over 20,000 major keywords in many of his client’s websites that bring over millions of visitors per year.

You can pre-order the digital book of SEO 1901 over here. 

The Content Of SEO 1901

  • Going beyond basic keyword research
  • Choosing the correct landing pages 
  • Beautifying landing pages to make Googles loves it
  • Semi-Auto backlinking, how to make it easy. 
  • Social Signals that matters, which social media are the key players
  • The IN- DEPTH strategies of 1901 in details and how it can help you to create the path to success in SEO ranking.
  • The Formula for 100,000 visitors 

SEO 1901 will be launch on March 2019 at $79.00, you can order pre-launch at $39.00, order below: