Best 10 Recruitment Agencies in London

If you’re looking for a job whether it’s a temp while you’re finishing your studies or a regular to pay the bills and survive in a big city like London, you need to look for the best recruitment agency London to make it easier.

You’ll find plenty of recruitment agencies London has to offer but finding the best one can be a challenge. You want an agency that is an expert in your field and can put you at an advantage over many other competitions.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best recruitment agencies London ranged from different expertise and industry types.

1. Capita Resourcing

Using cutting-edge technology, intelligent insights, and more than 20 years of experience, Capita Resourcing is one of the best recruitment agencies in London. It manages to reach 19 thousand hires per year, which is an amazing achievement for a recruitment agency. There is no doubt, that Capita Resourcing can increase your chance of getting hired by a lot. Complete with more than 400 supply chain of approved agencies built over the years. No matter what your skills, expertise, industry, or location, there is always a good chance for you to get the job that you’ve always dreamed of.

Capita Resourcing is most famous for supplying many teachers to schools that needed them, as well as supplying recruits for health and social care and private sector banks. It implements what’s called RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing model to increase retention rates and produce better business performance. Even the most difficult kind of specialists or talents will have a much higher chance of getting hired in the right place.

2. Client Server

If you have the knowledge in Java, Python, or C++, then Client Server is clearly among other top recruitment agencies London that you should try. From its website, you can head over to “Job” menu and you’ll see hundreds of IT related jobs that are available. This is the best feature on the website that you can find. It’s your best chance to get a job in the IT industry.

Client Server is driven mainly by technology, working together with many big companies in the tech industry to find the best candidates possible. At its core, Client Server is a recruitment consultancy and not an agency. This is the place where you can get the best advice, suggestions, and knowledge on how to further advance your career.

The recruitment consultancy itself was founded in 1999 and has been growing steadily since then while providing services in London and the south-east. It supplies the best candidates regularly in varied sectors and clientele, including investment banks, hedge funds, consultancies, innovative start-ups, and technology leaders. Start your career right now with Client Server and get your dream job.

3. Reed

This recruitment agency is one of the busiest agencies in London. Reed has handled more than 19 million job seekers and receives more than 80 thousand applications every day. This huge number of jobseekers can make things much easier for you as a job seeker since this also attracts a lot of recruiters and brings them to you.

More than 38 thousand employers are working together with Reed to receive the talents that they need. This brings the total of 84% of businesses in London using Reed to find their next hire. The list of sectors available for recruiters is huge, including accountancy, customer service, education, energy, general insurance, IT, legal, retail, sales, social care, and many more, and that is in London alone.

For jobseekers or candidates, you look for vacancies by using the search feature on the website. You can narrow it down by distance from your location, the salary that you want, and the type of job that you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to sign up for email alerts so you won’t miss anything and you can also gain access to plenty of resources from building your CV to interview advice.

4. Hydrogen Group

If you’re looking to launch your career on the global stage, Hydrogen Group can help you to achieve that. Hydrogen Group is the agency for candidates who are not afraid to dream big and believe in their skills to compete with anyone from anywhere. It was also the highest ranted London-based recruitment agency according to Sunday Times Best Places to Work list and placed on top 20 for great colleagues.

For candidates who are looking for permanent recruitment, the agency offers a customized strategic staffing solution that can and will spot the best candidates for each client. The candidates will not only be screened based on their skills but also based on the organization’s culture and ambitions. On the other hand, contract recruitment solutions include flexible pricing options depending on what the client needs, pre-screen, and vet process for all candidates, on-site resources, and many more. 

Candidates can get a job from various industries, such as finance, technology, oil and gas, science, and legal. You can use the search feature on the website to look for vacancies in certain sectors or industries.

5. CG Consultants

For people who are bored and tired of the usual recruitment agencies that only talk to candidates during the screening or interview process, CG Consultants can be a breath of fresh air. CG Consultants is one of the most creative recruitment agencies London that loves to talk to all candidates from the initial interview until after candidates landed a job. CG Consultants will continue to communicate through the candidates via official channels.

The agency has more than 40 years of experience in matching candidates to both permanent and contract jobs. It understands how challenging it can be, even after finding a job. It will meticulously learn about the business’s culture and what factors make one company different from the others. CG is also more than just a consultant agency; it offers training and development for all associates and consultants to make sure they can help both candidates and clients in getting the best insight and widest reach during the recruitment process.

The search tool on the website is very simple to use. Just type specific keywords, preferred location, and job types.

6. Attic Recruitment

The agency was founded 16 years ago by two amazing women, Sarah Culshaw and Kirsty Miall. Attic Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency in London that is an expert at providing clients with permanent and temporary candidates in PA and secretarial positions in London.

Attic Recruitment helps people finding a job with three methods. First is by concentrating on people with genuine talent and love for what they do. Everyone will receive the same treatment from the agency. Second, the agency has all the right strategies and methods for all kinds of candidates, from people who know where they want to go, to people who don’t have a single clue.  Third, it knows the inside and out of London. From different personalities and vibes, Attic Recruitment knows where the best place to work for all candidates. Even people from overseas will feel at home.

More about Attic Recruitment specialties, candidates with the skill and knowledge in personal assistant, virtual assistant, private household staff, secretarial staff, HR, and temporary staff are welcomed. There is also a special consultancy for fresh graduates.

7. Propel

Propel is more than just an agency, it’s a place where all People Expert gathered and provide the best service for candidates and employers. With more than 17 years of experience, People has an impressive list of services. It focuses on digital businesses and the tech sector in all of London.

The agency specializes in executive search, salary benchmarking and reporting, consultancy and competitive market mapping, and organization design. Propel is very popular among startups, with many events organized by which you can attend to get to know the company better.

One of Propel’s services is senior appointment. It’s a unique service to help businesses to find the senior talent that they need, in order to build the leadership team that is vital for their growths. If you believe you have the vast experience that many companies are looking for, Propel can help you to find the best place to work. 

8. Silicon Milk Roundabout

Silicon Milk Roundabout is all about startups in the tech industry. Whether you’re looking for a job at startup companies or part of a startup company looking for the best candidate, Silicon Milk Roundabout can offer you great services.

The agency also regularly produces exhibitions that are attended by popular companies such as BBC, Gousto, and Asos. You can use that chance to know more about the agency and meet startup companies that might be interested in hiring you. Tickets for these exhibitions are always limited, with a maximum of 10 thousand tickets per event.

These exhibitions are also useful for companies. They can save money on recruitment fees, will be able to post unlimited job vacancies online, make unlimited hires at the event, and able to meet face to face with candidates without needing recruitment agencies.

You can use the search tool on the website to find vacancies online. These vacancies are created by companies that attended the events. You can sort it by roles or skills. Don’t hesitate to create an account on the website too.

9. Deerfoot IT Resources

As the name suggests, Deerfoot IT Resources is one of the best recruitment agencies in London when it comes to IT companies. It has an impressive track record that spans for 23 years long. Some things you must know about Deerfoot IT Resources are, it’s BSI accredited (audited annually), REC member, has national and international coverage, unlimited access to the best database of IT companies and CVs, and uses the latest semantic search tools.

Deerfoot IT Resources specializes in IT business analysis, data science, IT infrastructure build and support, IT management, IT networking, InfoSec or CyberSec, IT testing, software development, and IT architecture. The search tool is very easy to use with a nice interface.

  • Official URL:
  • Address: Deerfoot I.T. Resources Limited Units 10/11, Mortimers Park, Ower, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 6AF (head office)
  • Contact number:020 3701 5510 (London)

10. Anderselite

Anderselite provides services for both candidates and companies with permanent, temporary, and long-term contract recruitment in a wide variety of industries. The agency is now providing candidates an opportunity to build their careers in more than six countries.

For jobseekers, Anderselite is a great place to get the guidance, support, and expertise to help them discover what’s the best way to advance their careers. The agency will make decisions based on job history, current situations, and what role is the best in the future. This enables them to reach their potential and career path.

Anderselite specializes in consulting engineering, oil and gas, building services, water, rail, town planning, safety critical, mechanical engineering, health and safety, architecture, facilities management, information technology, trades, construction, surveying, and power and energy. As always, you can use the search tool on the website. You can search based on job type, sector, location, and date added, complete with a picture of the person in charge of hiring.

Here you go, the best 10 recruitment agencies in London, if you have any recommendations to let us know at

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