Top 10 Wushu Classes in Singapore

Wushu, also known as KungFu in the West, is a generic term for Chinese martial arts that consists of primary offensive and defensive movements performed bare-handed or with weapons. It is one of the significant cultural contributions to the world, and it originated in China 5,000 years ago. Wushu is a full-contact sport that came from traditional Chinese martial arts. It was developed after 1949 in the People’s Republic of China to nationalize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. Government-appointed committees created the majority of modern competition forms from their parent arts. Wushu has now become an international sport thanks to the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), which hosts the World Wushu Championships every two years.

Wushu competition consists of two disciplines: Taolu (forms) and Sanda(sparring). Taolu consists of martial art patterns and maneuvers for which competitors must examine and award points based on specific rules. The forms consist of basic movements (stances, kicks, punches, balances, jumps, sweeps, and throws) that are based on the aggregate class of traditional Chinese martial art styles and can be changed for competitions to highlight one’s strengths. Time limits for competitive forms can range from 1 minute and 20 seconds for some external types to more than 5 minutes for internal styles.Wushu instills discipline and respect for oneself and others. Wushu is a sport that keeps you active. Wushu training aids in the development of strength, flexibility, coordination, power, speed, and balance. Wushu practice helps people of all ages stay active and healthy. Many people are beginning to practice Taiji, another form of Wushu, to strengthen their bodies. Taiji assists in increasing lung capacity, balancing, and stress reduction.

Even though Wushu is not as popular in Singapore as Taekwondo, it is still widely practiced among Singaporeans of all ages. The top ten Wushu schools in Singapore are listed below.

  1. Jing Wushu Academy
  2. Address: 462 Crawford Ln, #02-43, Singapore 190462
  3. Website:

HELEN LEE founded Jing Wushu Academy to fulfill her late husband’s wish to spread Traditional Wu-Style Taichi to more people. In November 2013, she lost her husband of 18 years to cancer. Her late husband, HEE KANG NGIAP, was an enthusiast of this art and a devoted student of SIFU CHAN LAI WAH. During his life, he trained diligently and approached his wife, who was involved in both local Sports Development and the Wushu scene, several times to take on the role of promoting this art.

Jing Wushu Academy’s mission in Singapore is to promote traditional Wu-Style Taichi for a healthier lifestyle. According to the school, respect and humility play an important role in all martial arts learning and are essential for harmonious living and compassionate society. The school does not compete or perform wushu and has no fancy uniforms or weapons. They concentrate on understanding the essence of Traditional Wu Taichi 108, exploring each move, and appreciating its immense health benefits.

Also, Jing Wushu Academy requires a dedicated facility to conduct regular classes in a consistent manner. It also encourages students to pay attention throughout the lesson. There are several limitations and distractions in parks or open public areas, such as mosquitos, inadequate lighting, bad weather, traffic, and a lack of restroom facilities, among others. Their school is well equipped to conduct small group classes and is located within walking distance to Lavender MRT. The centre is air-conditioned, equipped with full length mirrors, sound system, toilet, wooden dummy, and other training equipments.

Wufang Singapore was founded in 2005 to teach children and adults how to develop discipline, focus, and resilience through wushu and fitness training. Vincent Ng, a World Wushu Champion, three-time SEA Games Gold Medalist, and a Singapore Wushu icon, founded Wufang Singapore. Wufang Singapore has inspired over 10,000 young and old students to practice Wushu.

Wufang Singapore how essential healthy living and work-life balance is. Because of this, their classes are specially designed to energize the body, mind, and spirit of children and adults while increasing their flexibility, agility, strength, and stamina. Their Wushu classes foster the martial arts values of humility and self-discipline with contemporary life coaching that enables every student to develop confidence, resilience, and respect for others.

According to them, Wushu, one of the earliest and longest-lasting sports, has developed its characteristics over time. Due to its long history, Wushu has evolved into a wide range of schools and styles. The variety of schools and styles highlights the colorful features and meets the diverse needs of people. Wushu entails the use of numerous weapons. The combination of fist fights and weapon use allows for more complete and efficient use of skills. The movement of the human body is only an outward manifestation of Wushu. Wushu is not limited to external activity; it also emphasizes the full display of the human being’s internal temperament, mental attitude, and potential. It strengthens not only the bones and muscles but also the internal organs. Wushu’s functions are, in a nutshell, moral cultivation, offense and defense, curative effect, health improvement, artistic effect, and intelligence.

Wan Wu Sports and Martial Arts Academy was founded in April 2007 to provide a one-stop shop for all Martial Arts equipment, training aids, and professional coaching services. They have provided Martial Arts (Wushu), San Da (combat kickboxing/k-combat), Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), and sports events to Singapore schools and businesses.

Sino Wushu provides a variety of sports programs based on Chinese Wushu sports. From Toddler Immersion Classes to Competitive Kickboxing Sports, there’s something for everyone.

Healthy fitness habits, according to them, begin at a young age. They believe in training hard while also having fun, and they want their students to enjoy the sport and develop a lifelong interest in fitness. Martial arts are holistic sports that cultivate a strong mind and a healthy body. Their programs are designed to be enjoyable while also challenging to develop fitness, confidence, and resilience in all students.

Furthermore, for them, a sport steeped in the traditional values of mutual respect, gratitude, and sportsmanship. They embrace and incorporate these traditions into their program’s fun yet enriching curriculum. It takes courage and fortitude to train, and even more so to take the court and face a challenge with the possibility of losing. Their programs assist students in developing this bravery.

The former National Athlete and International Medalist Tan Mui Buay founded Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre in 1993. He aimed to apply the rich cultural heritage of Chinese Martial Arts. He wants to create a holistic training experience that promotes health and instills a well-rounded martial artist’s discipline and moral behavior. Master Zhou Shu Sheng is one of the Xin Ying Wushu Training Center’s well-known advisors.

Primary fist forms, Hunyuan Gong, Push Hands, and Weapons techniques are included in the curriculum. Xin Ying Wushu Training Center offers a multi-step program for youths and children aged four and up. It takes students with no prior experience through systematic skill-building courses, resulting in competition-level performance in both Wushu and Taiji. Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre collaborates with renowned martial arts organizations and Masters to provide top-tier Traditional Martial Arts training courses. Corporate programs include long-term standard weekly programs, customized short-term group lessons, and single/multi-day team-building exercises. The Singapore Wushu, Dragon, and Lion Dance Federation have accepted Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre as an Active Affiliate.

Their vision is to promote  Xin Ying Wushu Training Center as a world-class training center that supports physical and mental development in its athletes-in-training. Additionally, their mission is to provide a comprehensive training program that assists Taiji and Wushu students in appreciating Chinese culture, martial arts discipline, and moral behavior.

Risen Wushu is a Singapore wellness center specializing in oriental-styled internal martial arts. They include routines centered on TaijiQuan, its associated weaponry, and Qi Gong. The center, founded in 2008 by Chief Instructor Ms. Jasmine Koh, aspires to be an excellent institute for students to appreciate the benefits of these martial arts forms. The center employs creative methodologies to inspire and impart knowledge and skills to students. Risen Wushu strives to make its classes engaging, enriching, and empowering for students of all backgrounds.

Their goal is to dispel stereotypes that oriental-styled internal martial arts are only for the elderly. They are promoting the physical and mental health benefits of oriental-styled internal martial arts through the practice of their students. And to instill values and invaluable life skills in students as they learn the origins of these oriental-styled internal martial arts and mastery of their respective routines/moves in a free-thought perspective.

  • Shinwu Enterprise
  • Address: The Grandstand, #05-09, 200 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287994
  • Website:

Shinwu Enterprise was founded in 2003 to promote Wushu’s development and interest among young and older adults. Mr. Jimmy Lee, the founder, was a former national player turned coach. Jimmy has 30 years of coaching experience and has trained many students. He was also one of the Singapore National Wushu and Lion Dance Federation’s ex-committee.

As mentioned above, he is also an International Coach and Judge with the Federation. They are also pleased to announce that their head coach, Mr. Jimmy, has been the coach for Hwa Chong Institution. He received an Appreciation Award in 2012 for his 12 years of service. Since 2001, Hwa Chong Institution has been in the TOP 4 overall winners, with numerous years of Champion under his tutelage. As a result of his positive coaching, many of his students have been members of the National Team. Some have pursued the coaching path, passing on the dignity, discipline, and integrity of learning Wushu. Shinwu Enterprise believed in motivating students, growing their passion, and instilling good Wushu discipline in them.

Mr. Leo Wen Yeow, an award-winning coach, founded Martial House, Singapore’s premier Wushu academy. Since its inception in 2006, Martial House has collaborated with over 150 government agencies, corporate organizations, and schools to promote Wushu and its benefits throughout Singapore. Through their programs, at least 50,000 people have benefited from Wushu.

Martial House provides various programs to meet their partners’ needs. Their programs range from year-long athlete training courses to hour-long introductory workshops for beginners. On request, their programs can also be specially tailored. Furthermore, the Martial House team of locally and internationally certified coaches and judges are well-versed in both traditional and modern Wushu. With a deep love for the sport, theirteam is dedicated to bringing Wushu to the masses through fun and interactive learning processes.

Moreover, through their Talent Development Programme, Martial House provides numerous opportunities for talents to shine. They have produced several national athletes and champions in local and international Wushu competitions, including World Wushu Champions Emily Sin and Ho Lin Ying. They also assist students, such as award-winning child actor Damien Teo, in expanding their talents beyond Wushu.

Martial House has been in the spotlight for their performances and choreography work. They performed at the opening ceremonies of the 28th SEA Games (2015) and the 1st YOG (2015). (2010). Not to mention their regular participation in National Day Parades and Chingay Parades (both since 2009), as well as their frequent appearances on national television in programs like the SPD Charity Show (2015 & 2013).

  • Ch’i Life Studio
  • Address: 442 Orchard Rd, #03-03 Claymore Connect, Singapore 238879
  • Website:

Robin Leong founded Ch’i Life Studio in Singapore, which has since expanded to Shanghai, Beijing, and the United States. Robin also founded the Ch’i Life Group in 2007, specializing in producing live international performances, television and film productions, and local and international investments. It combines fun and discipline while teaching children basic Kung Fu/ Wushu self-defense techniques. They will also learn the fundamentals of stretching, punching, kicking, blocking, tumbling, and having fun with physical fitness! The child will gain confidence, improve hand-eye coordination, and develop physical and mental discipline.

  1. Wu Lin Martial Arts Studio
  2. Address: 5 Stadium Walk, #02-39/40/41 Leisure Park, Singapore 397693
  3. Website:

Wushu is a full-contact sport from traditional Chinese martial arts that is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport. Wushu is a Chinese word that means “martial arts” (“Wu” = military or martial, “Shu” = art). Wulin believes that learning martial arts can benefit everyone because it connects the mind and the body. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you and your children will become healthier, more active, focused, confident, and disciplined. Wellness is achieved at Wulin through Wushu.

Martial art is an essential part of many people’s lives; it is a sport, an artistic expression, or a regimen for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The training teaches skills people can apply to other aspects and relationships. Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are other significant reasons for enrolling in martial arts training. Training not only helps the mind and body to have the stamina to fight back in a violent situation. It also aids the body in combatting disease and remaining flexible and active as people age. Martial arts can help with stress relief and energy release. Combined with a healthy diet, martial arts training provides people with a well-rounded regimen that they can do wherever they want.

Martial arts in China, in general, date back thousands of years and were developed for the same reasons they were designed elsewhere. It is to aid in hunting and to protect against enemies. One of the earliest formalizations of the arts appears to have occurred during Emperor Huangdi’s reign, which began in 2698 B.C. Specifically, they taught troops a type of wrestling that used horned helmets at the time. This was referred to as Horn Butting or Jiao Di. From there, people can find Chinese martial arts history fundamentals in a kung fu history and style guide.

Nowadays, Wushu is most commonly used to describe an exhibition and combat sport. As previously stated, the history of Chinese martial arts is shrouded in mystery. This is partly due to the length of time involved—after thousands of years, no account is particular. However, it is partly due to Mao Zedong’s and Communist rule’s efforts to destroy almost everything traditional in China. At the same time, he killed the Shaolin Temple’s literature, and kung fu masters fled the country, leaving the native arts somewhat fragmented.