Top 25 Branding, PR and Communication Agencies in Singapore

Branding, PR and communication can be the key to your success for your business, the problem is finding the best one in Singapore can be difficult.

 In this article, you’ll find the Branding, PR and communication  in Singapore that you can trust, complete with their contact info to make things much easier.

1. Starcom

First up is Starcom. It is a giant in the Branding, PR and communication world. Its most recent work involved the famous Late-Night Show host Jimmy Fallon. Starcom specializes in advertising, mobile media, SEO/SEM, social media, media planning on TV, online, radio, out of home, and many more.It doesn’t matter whether you have a clear idea of what you want to do or not, Starcom will help you to market your brand or products to the masses.

2. Actmedia Singapore PTE LTD

If you want to focus your branding and marketing in Singapore, Actmedia Singapore PTE LTD can be the best choice for you. It has been operating since 1996 and one of the first companies formed under OMG Group in Singapore.This branding and marketing company in Singapore specializes in online to offline, online marketing, and media planning. Basically, if you want to sell products from an offline store, Actmedia can help you to bring in more customers.

3. Dentsu Aegis Network Singapore

Dentsu Aegis Network is one of the best in branding and marketing in Singapore. It actively conducts research in digital marketing and communications and reveals what’s the best way to market a product or brand. Dentsu Aegis Network promises to launch its clients in the era of the digital economy by giving them solutions and excellent services.The company specializes in CRM, marketing research, SEO/SEM, social media, B2B marketing, and media planning.


Another established PR, marketing and branding company in Singapore. GROUPM uses proprietary technology that gives the company an advantage over others. It works together with MINDSHARE, MEDIACOM, Wavemaker, essence, and M/Six to create the best marketing campaign for the clients.

With the other 30 thousand employees spread in around 400 offices all over the world, GROUPM can make your brand recognized globally. GROUPM specializes in media planning and buying including mobile media, out of home, online, print, TV, radio, and social.

5. Metia, Inc.

Metia uses its unique tools and resources to help its clients. As a communication and marketing company, Metia is very successful. It’s working with giants in tech industries such as Intel, Microsoft, Verizon, and Dell. We believe that Metia is one of the best when it comes to branding and communication in Singapore.

The company specializes in social media, IT, mobile platforms, and companies of all sizes. You can download free resources on the website to help you learn the B2B influencer marketing campaign.

6. OMD Singapore

As part of the global OMD network with more than 11 thousand staff spread in 129 offices, OMD Singapore can help you connect with new customers and make your brand seems alive. The company is currently ranked #1 among other global agencies, beating Mindshare and Starcom. OMD Singapore specializes in many things, such as eCommerce, social, SEO, SEM, planning, ROI, analytics, and many more.

7. IPG Mediabrands

IPG Mediabrands employs more than 10 thousand of communication, media, and technology specialists in more than 130 countries. It’s a very diverse group of innovators, designers, scientists, musicians, buyers, thinkers, and mathematicians, that combine everything technique, method, and way of thinking to create the best PR, branding and marketing campaign and solution. The company specializes in interactive, mobile, data analytics, SEO, SEM, social media, and media planning or buying.


HUSTLR has been featured on many digital magazines as one of the best companies in PR, Branding and communication in Singapore. The company is great at helping startups, small to medium-sized companies, bloggers, podcasters, and other individuals or companies that are trying to become successful online.

HUSTLR specializes in work from home, money management, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, blogging, and podcasting. Don’t hesitate to visit the website to read about tips and ways to make your business grows.

9. Magna Global

Magna Global is the centralized IPG Mediabrands resource that invents new intelligence, investment, and innovation strategies for many agency teams and clients. The media company uses insights, forecasts, and strategic approaches to help clients gain an advantage in a competitive marketplace environment. Magna Global specializes in media planning and buying including mobile media, online media, out of home, printed media, social media, TV, and radio.

10. Grazitti Interactive

As a global media company located in five countries, Grazitti Interactive can help you reinvent the way you do business. Grazitti Interactive’s approach in marketing is based on six principles: agile delivery, business mindset, technical expertise, world-class designs, quality focus, and offshore pricing. 

Grazitti Interactive’s specializations are divided into two, by business function and by business domain. From product management to marketing in business function and from healthcare to real estate in the business domain. 

11. Mediakeys

With more than 25 years of experience, Mediakeys keep creating and expanding its global campaigns as one of the best companies in media and communication in Singapore. It has helped many clients to spread brand awareness in local and international markets.

At the moment, Mediakeys has local offices in 16 countries and remains the company that focuses 100% on the clients. Mediakeys specializes in tech, media exchange, outdoor, airport, digital, event marketing, media planning, social, online, print, and broadcast.

12. Omnicom Group

Omnicom Group turns any ideas into a real action that clients can use to grow their businesses. It has an amazing number of specialists, more than 70 thousand as of today. These specialists are helping more than 5 thousand brands in all corners of the world.

The list of services is very diverse, with more than 30 marketing disciplines spread across 1.500 agencies. Omnicom Group specializes in media planning and buying in mobile media, online, and out of home, print, radio, social, and TV.

13. Publicis Media

This particular media and communication company has been around for a long time. Publicis Media was founded back in 1926. Since then it has grown to become the world’s third-largest communications group. One of the services Publicis Media offers is using the power of modern media to increase consumer engagement and create value for clients through its brands.

Right now, more than 23 thousand employees are working in 100 countries. Publicis Media specializes in media planning and buying in TV, radio, print, online, social, out of home, and mobile media.

14. UM Singapore

UM Singapore is very confident that it can help clients to grow their brands and businesses through its structured and crafted solutions. As a true Singaporean company, its motto is Can Lah! UM Singapore also relies heavily on its sciences.

UM Singapore also claims that it has an 83% retention rate and nearly 90% of its employees would recommend UM Singapore as a good place to work. UM Singapore specializes in digital marketing, social media, and media planning and buying on social, TV, radio, mobile media, and online.

15. M/six Singapore

We have mentioned M/six before. This branding and marketing company is backed by WPP, which is the world’s largest communications agency network. Working closely together with WPP and GroupM, makes M/six Singapore very reliable when it comes to branding and marketing.

M/six specializes in driving commercials, audience growth, feeding clients with new data and tech-led media landscape, and media planning and buying. Some of its biggest clients are Toyota, Lexus, and News Corp.

16. Wavemaker Singapore

The company shows a little bit of creativity right on the homepage. Wavemaker loves to just get right on the point and tells everyone what they do and how they do it. It works rather aggressively, using what the company called Provocative Planning. It’s a modular approach that combines machine learning and human intelligence to create the best plan for the clients.

Wavemaker’s specialties are diverse, advertising, media planning and buying, marketing research, data analytics, marketing services, mobile, and many more.

17. The Media Shop

The Media Shop works by collaborating with brands from different industries not limited by anything. It has a team of many media specialists who use data to create the best approach for the clients while maximizing their budget to achieve the best results. It specializes in media planning and buying in TV, print, online, out of home, and mobile media.

18. PHD Singapore

PHD Singapore offers a unique approach to branding and marketing in Singapore. It believes that the best marketing is the kind that fuses into people’s DNA and that’s how the company manages to keep growing until now.

Combining the latest invention and strategy in the industry, PHD Singapore can offer you these services: content creation, data analysis, and modeling, direct response, PPC, affiliate marketing, and many more.

19. Mindshare

As a global media and marketing network, Mindshare offers one of the best solutions for marketing and brandingg in Singapore. It does more than just media planning and buying, if you have the same thing in mind, don’t hesitate to contact the company.Mindshare offers services such as account management and leadership, content and partnership, insight and culture, and many more.

20. Media OTG

The company is part of the solutions partner for OOH media. Media OTG offers a low cost that can bring your brand to the mass audience. It covers your business across all formats from traditional to digital, as well as software and hardware

21. Isentia

Isentia focuses on PR and communication to create world-class platforms for clients. It also offers media monitoring capability, on-platform analytic tools, and award-winning research teams. More services it can offer you are brand monitoring, social media, media planning and buying, and radio.

22. Initiative

Initiative believes that new platforms and technologies will always cause advertising avoidance behaviors. That’s why it promises efficiency in delivering messages through a full suite of communication services. In other words, Initiative only advertises in a way that brands can relate more with the audience.

23. Mediacom

Mediacom is a connections agency with one mission: to leverage the clients’ brand across all systems of communications. These communications are either paid, owned, or earned. The company always asks what matters the most for their clients and start from there.

Mediacom specializes in media planning and buying in mobile media, online, print, radio, and TV.

24. Dwa Singapore

With over two decades of experience in technology marketers, Dwa Singapore is aware of how customers choose their technology brands and use that to leverage clients’ brands across all digital channels. Dwa also promises that your brand will not be limited in only one region or language. It specializes in advertising, brand monitoring, direct marketing, marketing research, data analytics, and more.

25. Demo Power Singapore

We’re closing our list with Demo Power Singapore. As a marketing company in Singapore, Demo Power offers an excellent approach to promote your brand across Asia. Its services are great for companies of all sizes. Demo Power Singapore is an expert at in-store marketing with varied media networks, it can deliver high impact advertising to increase the engagement level between the store and the customers. It specializes in media planning and buying in out of home, mobile media, and online.

Well, here you go. the Top 25 Branding, PR and Communication Agencies in Singapore. Enjoy!

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