5 Definite Ways to Generate More Loyal Clients

Generating clients is always easy for me, and with some unique skill sets and technology, I am able to generate more than 100 new clients within one week easily without blinking my eyes.
(Yes, many will say I am blowing my own horn, but people who know me, know I can do it easily.)
All my students can do it as well, but, anyway, that’s not the point.) Many companies have asked me to source new clients for them throughout the years, and were quite impressed with my ability to get it done so easily.
However, generating clients is one aspect of client management, and it takes more than just client sourcing—you will need to maintain them as well.
Think of it this way: everyone has friends, but how many of us have really good friends?

How many of us have many great friends?

You see, many good friends and many great friends do not just happen overnight; it takes effort, time, and a lot of “connections” to reach that level. It is the same for clients.
If you want to grow your clients from NORMAL clients to LOYAL clients, you will need to do the following:

1) Give, give, and give…

You see, it is never about how much you are going to receive from your clients; it is how much they are receiving from you. I am not suggesting “bribing” them by giving them gifts or buying them dinner, it is more than that.
When your clients need something to be done at NO cost to them, do your very best to service them.
Sometimes, it may seem that you are not going to earn anything from the effort, but you need to understand that results come only at a later stage.

2) Give More Than What You Can Offer

When I was assisting a company in a project many years back, I received an email message from the marketing department of that company promoting their services. However, I noticed that they were not doing it the right way, and from the email I could deduce that it was not expertly done.
Immediately, I wrote an email to the Marketing Director of the company and told him about the problem.
He acknowledged that they were not really good with email marketing itself, so I told them that I would teach their whole marketing department how to use email marketing effectively.
I used less than two hours to teach four people in the marketing department, after which the company was very pleased with the results. They then gave me more business deals in the later part which I wasn’t really expecting.
Note: I volunteered to teach them email Marketing with no expectation of anything in return.
When I give and teach, I am very sincere and give everything I have.
If you were to “contribute” with another agenda, most of the time you would be disappointed.

3) Connect With Them

Do not expect the client to call you every day to chat; you should be the one trying to connect with them EVERYDAY.
Send them a text message, an email, a phone call, a visit, etc.
Do anything and everything to let them know you exist and are alive!!

4) Make Sure You Visit Them

Many service providers are not hardworking to visit existing clients.
Remember that only 10-20 % of service suppliers (like you) actually visit their clients. Be sure you are among the 10-20% of them.
Do not expect the clients to treat you seriously if they never see you. Make sure you see them…PERIOD.

5) Treat Them Like a MILLION Dollar Client

How would you treat a client who is going to give you a MILLION Dollar deal? Imagine this client will give you a contract worth a Million Dollars, how would you treat them?
What actions will you take?
What are the things you will not do?
What are the extra things you will do to ensure that this deal is secured?
You see, it is all about the attitude—if you are able to use the attitude of a champion, you will be acting like a champion and be treated as a champion.

Eventually you will become the next Champion.