8 Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest is one of the growing social networking sites today. Pinterest works more like Instagram, and it is a great site where people can share photos, ideas, and even dreams.

Big and small businesses alike use Pinterest to promote their product. Here are some of the most strategic ways that you can use Pinterest to market your products:

1. Create a Pinterest Board that will showcase your keywords.

The Pinterest Board is where you organize all your pins (things you have bookmarked). You can have a different board for different topics or categories. There are also Group Boards that only invited members can see.

You have to include your keywords in your Pinterest board. You see, Pinterest has an amazing search capability so take advantage of these capabilities by strategically placing your keywords in your Pinterest board title.

2. Use the Pin description to spread some valuable ideas.

Use the Pin description to share some valuable ideas to your followers. Remember that your followers can tweet your pin so make sure that your pin description is only 180 characters long.

Here are some of the tips that you can use in pinning a graphic:

  • Add and brand your custom image to your website.
  • Add 100 to 200 words to describe your image or your pin.
  • Add the link to your home page or your blog article in your pin description.

3. Embed the pins on your blog.

It is good to embed your pins and board on your blog as this will create more traffic back to your pins. This also counts as backlinks in terms of SEO too. Hence, the benefitis of putting more pins to your website is great!

4. Share your boards and pins on your other social networking sites.

It is best to tweet your pin and share these pins on social networking sites if these are relevant. This allows everyone who follows your other Digital Marketing accounts to see your activity on Pinterest, which is especially important for those who do not have Pinterest accounts yet.

5. Get to know your audience.

Pinterest is largely used by the female population, mostly moms. Therefore, Pinterest is a great way to market products that are appealing to women, especially moms. If your customers are mostly men, it is not a wise decision to market your products on Pinterest.

Make sure that your photos also match the Pinterest aesthetic. These are images that are clear, crisp and well-composed. Minimalist and rustic styles are also very popular with users.

6. You have to take the content marketer hat and ditch the advertiser hat.

If you are planning to market your products on Pinterest, you have to be more of a content marketer and less of an advertiser. Pinterest users prefer engaging content and not some impersonal marketing pitch. Studies show that more than half of Pinterest users click on Pins that are linked to articles and blog posts. Most users like content that are useful or interesting in some way.

Topics that are popular on Pinterest are usually fashion, beauty, food, décor, and crafts. But, the good news is, it is okay even if your business is not related to these topics. All you need to do is find an image or content that is visually appealing to win “repins.”

You can create boards that contain images from blog entries, infographics, and photos of staff members.

7. Identify your optimal pinning frequency.

Pinning excessively will annoy or overwhelm your followers. But, pinning once every two months may make your Pinterest followers forget that you exist. So, it is best to create a pinning or posting schedule.

8. Create collaborative boards.

If you want to reach a new group of Pinterest users, it is best to create collaborative boards. This will also ensure that your pins are more visible to your target market.

Pinterest is a great way to market your product. It is also a great way to share ideas and learn new ideas that can help take your business to a whole new level.