Can Facebook Marketing Really Make Money for Your Business?

Many months ago I received a call from friend who is a trainer in Facebook marketing and he told me that he is having a Facebook course and would require my assistance in helping him to “market” his 3 hours training program – Facebook for Business which is priced at $300.00.
He mentioned that he will give me a 20% commission which will be $60.00 each for every people I introduced to him…..Well I rejected him the offer because personally I felt that nobody will be really benefit from his training program as I do not recommend anything this is perceived to be worthless. I do have a high integrity and because of this, my existing clients appreciate it and continue to be with me for many years.
Another reason why I rejected his offer is because of the ironical situation of this trainer, he, as a professional trainer in training people on how to use Facebook for their business so that they can use Facebook to generate leads, so I suppose he should be very good in Facebook marketing and IF he is so good, he should be able to use the same platform to sell his training program. Isn’t it?
If he is really using Facebook marketing to market his training program, he should be having very good responds and not needing my assistance to find clients for him. As far as he told me, there were only 5 people register for the training program. Wow…that is a very interesting figure. An expert using Facebook to market Facebook training program and ONLY 5 people register for it….something is not right……
Apparently, this friend who is a trainer does not know that I was in this digital marketing for over 20 years and apparently whatever he mentioned I have already known that long ago, things that he mentioned are pretty much the basic where you will have to create a Facebook account, create a page or group and promote them using invitation, tagging and other available platforms in Facebook.
I really wanted to shout in front of his face and tell him not to CHEAT your customer please….Do you really believe that Facebook can bring you new leads and clients? Deep down in me I really want to whack him upside down but I kept my cool…. 
But hey, back to the question. Can Facebook marketing really generate good sales for your business?
The answer is YES. But there are certain conditions to ensure the marketing is going to be very successful…..and the conditions are the following:

  1. You ought to have a dynamic website.
  2. Your brand must be trustworthy
  3. You must target the right group of people
  4. You must have huge numbers of followers and fans
  5. There must be someone unique about your offering
  6. You must know why people have to buy from your rather than anyone else.
  7. You cannot use only one social media platform, you must use multiple platforms. As a rule of thumb, you should at least use 3 or more popular social media to create some “noises.”
  8. It takes time to build a good network, branding and positioning.

You see, social media is a platform, you need a good marketing strategy to generate good leads and great sales, hence a platform is only a platform, it is the good strategy with the right platform that makes the difference! Focusing on only using the platform to create leads and sales will lead to very low responds as long as you do not have a good marketing strategy.