11 Digital Marketing Strategies for Recruitment agency (Plus 5 Bonus Offline Marketing Strategies, updates 15th Feb 2020)

In the world, there are over tens of thousands and thousands of recruitment agencies with at least half of them are less than 5-10 man operators, having say that, you should understand that even just a small 10% competition with you in your country, that will be easily hundreds of recruitment agencies that will fight and get your clients and candidates.

My words on digital marketing for recruitment agencies, your methods of recruitment and getting clients mostly are outdated and will likely not work in this era. bear with me a little, because I will reveal all my knowledge in the recruitment agency industry and show you have to be successful in the recruitment agency business. 

Whether you are a new recruitment agency or one that has already existed in the market for a long time, perhaps you can refer to the marketing strategy example, and maybe one or more of the strategies will be useful for you. Note that all strategies will NOT be applicable to all agencies due to resource constraints, location constraints and other process constraints.

Here is the good news, even if you were to use 10% of what I have shared with you today, your sales will very much likely to increase compared to your current sales. When you diligently follow the steps.


Hereby I will share with you some of the easiest and yet proven method to be successful in digital marketing for recruitment agencies with nothing held back.

Some of the digital marketing tips can be quite simple, however, it really works!

Here goes:

If you need more information on how you can generate great marketing ideas and strategies for your agency, please do not hesitate to contact me via dc@dougleschan.com 

Digital Marketing for Recruitment Agencies

Index – Recruitment Agencies Online and Offline Marketing

1) Online Marketing

2) Offline Marketing

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Part 1 – Online Marketing

1 – Post the jobs on your website 

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So you will have a website with your corporate profile, who you are, what you are and why people must do business with you…. (If not, get a good website designer and a good copywriter to help you, this is the basic you must have.)

When you get the job orders from your clients, make a point to post them in your website, there should be a section where there are all the job listing of all the jobs, do not delete the jobs even if the jobs are expired.

The point is that to make your website looks very very “wordy” so that Google will find many pages to be indexed, with more pages indexed in Google, more potential candidates will see your recruitment agency name, and more candidates will send in their resume to you.

When more people visit your website, your website will deem to be “popular” in the eyes of Google and your ranking on Google will improve as time goes by.

Directly making it more popular and more people will come to visit your website. This will increase your popularity and branding in the long run.

When you have more candidates, directly you will also have more clients as a small percentage of them will become a “buying” client when they have upgraded to another level.

Next, we move to:

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2 – Search Engine Optimization

Utilization of Google, and or Baidu as platforms for potential clients and candidates to search and allow your website to be listed on the first page. This will allow the name and brand to be positioned on the first page of Google, Baidu, and other major search engines so that more relevant visitors can visit your website and know who you are and what you are doing. This will create more client inquiries and more candidates will send their resume to you.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to the page 1 of Google and by doing so, will have more people goes to your website and by doing so, more people will get to know you and become a customer. 

The idea is that if you have more “eyeballs” to more people who research on the specific topic, the more your shows in front of the users, the more people will visit your website.

When more people visit your website, this will happen:

  1. There will be people that become your candidates.
  2. There will be people that become your clients.
  3. Your branding will improve.
  4. Some people might join you as recruitment consultants or recruitment manager.
  5. When your website brand goes side-by-side with giant brands like hays.com and robertwalters.com.sg, public impression on your company will be different!
  6. Your pricing and positioning will increase compared to other recruitment agencies in Singapore.

If you were to do it correctly, you will have a big chunk of visitors and traffic to your website from search engine itself, from Google, Yahoo, and maybe Bing respectively to your staffing agency website.

Don’t go for SEO on 10-20 keywords,  it will not work very well in the long run, I will usually focus on 50-100 keywords. Given a choice, a few hundreds of SEO keywords will be ideal.

Once Google changes its formula, at least 50% of the keywords you are ranking will be gone and you have to restart your optimization again. Hence, it will be good to focus on high among of targetted keywords. 

10,000 Visitors from Organic Traffic

For SEO, you will need to give it some time to rank well, for new recruitment agency websites, be prepared to wait 3-6 months before anything interesting will happen. Bearing in mind that for a new website, there will be a sandbox period where it will stop you from ranking in the first page out of respect to the existing staffing agency websites that had already ranked on the 1st page. 

Some may be skeptical on SEO but I can tell you ONE BIG secret, all of my clients come from Google SEO, even if I am in Singapore, I have clients from USA, UK, Middle East, and even Australia.

This is how powerful SEO is! It works!

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3 – Adwords Marketing

This is a PAY-PER-CLICK platform by Google that allows advertisements on Google’s front page. The advertiser will only pay based on “PER CLICK” by the user. Such advertising will create immediate traffic, branding, and awareness for the public.

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4 – Facebook Advertising

Similar to Adword Marketing, use Facebook as a different platform to reach a different market.

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5 – Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the social media websites that gives opportunity to the recruiter to reach out to a vast talent that is extremely active. Mastering the art of recruiting through twitter is indeed an art and it make takes some time to get the expected returns.

Below are five steps with the help of which the following on twitter increases and also makes sure that the tweets are getting re-tweeted by all the followers in their network as well.

Tweet should be short: It is extremely important that the tweets are short and are filled with the necessary hashtags. For example if the job opening is for an IT developer than the tweet can be phrased as “Calling #IT nerds – developer role, great benefits: .”

Tweets should be easy: Once people click on the link it should be easy for them to look at the job description rather than them digging further to get the details. You should be posting the job descriptions in your website and link the tweet to the page you have posted your job descriptions.

Proper research should be done: It is very important to do complete research with the help of the search function. This helps in identifying who the influences are in a specific profession. One should definitely watch out for the hashtags that are used for a specific industry.

Continue being active: Recruiters using twitter are advised to use WeFollow’s list which is a list of influential recruiters. This helps them know some of the best recruiters who use Twitter to get good employees. One can notice that not all companies that want to recruit start off saying they want people rather they start a general conversation that gets them many followers and then come to the point of recruitment.

Third Party tools: Search can be made even more productive by making use of third-party tools like TweetBeeps. This tool helps in giving alerts which are relevant to the search when a candidate is looking for a particular job.

One can also check how influential they are by checking their score on Klout Score. This score can be used to benchmark themselves against the others. Another major benefit the recruiters get from twitter is that there is absolutely no time constraint for tweeting with the potential candidate. The candidates can respond as they wish or if they are not interested in the position they are even free to share it with others they think would fit for the current opening.

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6 – Content Marketing in Your Blog

Creating and generating news, articles, and reports that create awareness, in-depth knowledge, trustworthiness, and expertise. This will indirectly generate great traffic in the long run while also generating trust and reliability. New articles should be posted regularly, at least three times per week.

Do not put any or every content that you like, for example, in my website www.dougleschan.com, I focus in recruitment agency business and staffing agency business coaching, hence, I will focus very much into that area, this not only brings great value to the users who visited the website, it also makes Google loves your website as your content are valuable and they will rank your website very high with minimum SEO activities.

So to have more traffic to your website, your website ought to be focused on a specific topic or category. 

You can have the best content, but if you are not sharing them or promoting them, the search engine will not even pick them up at all, remember that 90% of the world’s websites pages are not even indexed at all, because nobody talks about it….

Share them on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, to your friends, emails, etc….

Side Tips:

a) Words?:

Remember that your content should not be always words, words, and words…. You can include photos, videos, places, music, and voices too…remember that the search engine searches everything, not just content. 

b) Normal Content?

If the content you are providing looks normal, then the problem is that the user likely not be too interested on it, hence they will not be keen to read further and share with their friends about it. Sometimes it is good to go against the normal as long as you can justify them and back them with substances. 

Most corporate recruitment agency websites are very boring and plenty of self-praise on how good they are, this will likely not attract good responds and engagement, as such, provide something valuable and entertaining.

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7 – Facebook FanPage

By creating a massive FanPage count of at least 20,000–50,000 for the company, we will be able to generate interaction, updated information, and create trust and branding. (Updated May 2019) This is no longer true, the Facebook page algorithm had changed and at such using Facebook Fanpage will not have a good reach out to your “fans”, Facebook had kinda get greedy and wants people to advertise instead.

Update 1st Jan 2020 – It is still essential that you have a Facebook page to create the presence so that when candidates or clients search in Facebook for your company, you are still able to be reachable. 

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9 – Collecting of Email Data

Ok, here is the deal.

You have thousands of people coming to your website, and all of them love your website and after that, they leave and move on to another website, aren’t you wasting the traffic coming to your website?

Can you somehow use a landing page and collect their name and email addresses?

Or even just an email, by giving them something they might want and just collect the email data every single day?

Here is the idea, most of the people who visited your website likely will not visit again, your goal is to collect about 2-3% of the visitors to leave down their email.

When 1,000 people visit your website, let say 20-30 people leave down their email, you will have easily 10,000 databases and I can share with you that this is a GOLDMINE, I will explain to in the next point.

10 – Email Marketing

A traditional method to reach out to a huge number of clients with a minimum cost. This creates plenty of clients, candidates, and awareness.  Special software is needed. Suggested mailing size is about 500,000 – 1,000,000 per project.

Email marketing works. Period. There is no need to go through a lengthy debate about it. I have used them easily 15 years ago and I am still using it. It works.

80% of your revenue will come from here, be it you are looking for clients or even candidates, the source is here.

Do not need to spend too much time or money in placing advertisements or even getting Facebook ads or Linkedin Ads, the money is in the list that you have collected.

Regularly update the list of the database on your offering and what you have for them, do not need to sound too pushy but just email the group on the latest information.

There will be a small percentage will be converted.

And those will be the one that brings you the 80% revenue.

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11 – Add a URL link back to your website

So you have emailed your database about the offering and information, make a URL link back to your website about the information or offers.

Why are we doing this?

This reason is we want to send the JUICE back to your website.

This JUICE is for GOOGLE to smell that your website is ACTIVE and IMPORTANT.

When 500 people visit your website and stay for a few minutes reading your post or page, it is DIRECTLY telling GOOGLE that your page is very very important and able to retain readers.

So how does it helps me?

In return, Google will rank your website HIGHER compared to other recruitment agencies that are still doing Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, and cold calling…

When your ranking goes higher and more people visit your website and stay longer, your ranking in Google will continue to spike to another level and the ultimate you will be in number 1 of Google.com.sg with little or no effort.

It is so cool, isn’t it?

Social Media and Bookmarking Explosive – By using third party personnel to generate interest, awareness, and activities in, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, this will create plenty of noise in the social media platform and will have direct benefits in SEO, branding, Facebook Fan Page, etc.

Massive advertisements on job portals to generate resumes and public awareness and to lure in consultants to join our company. This can create more resumes, more clients, and benefits to SEO as well.

Write articles on HR-related issues and submit to a major newspaper, online major magazines, blogs, etc.

Side Tips:

Many people actually use 1-2 online marketing strategies to market their recruitment agencies to drive traffic to your website. For online strategies, use Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, email marketing, whatapps marketing, apps and other popular platforms to try out the engagement and responds, test them out for at least 3 to 6 months to decide whether it is useful and with good ROI. Eventually, you will be able to have 1-2 good platforms to focus on with good return on investment,but I would like to stress that one should never put all their eggs in one basket, it would be best to spread them out into as many as 4-6 different platforms so that you can do the initial testing and see what are the better methods and later further narrow down to about 3 main marketing methods. Once you have done that, put all your resources into the selected ones. 

Offline Marketing

  1. Organize free talks and workshops for existing HR personnel to improve their skills and ability. This allows the company to expose themselves to more HR personnel and in return, potentially generate more valuable job orders from the attendees.
  2. Organize free talks and workshops on investing. This allows the company to meet the top management, Managing Director, CEO, COO, Operation director, etc. This will create a good rapport with the team.
  3. Organize free talks on interview skills, personal grooming, CV writing, etc. for job seekers to generate awareness for candidates and to collect candidate resumes.
  4. Organize career talks on becoming a recruitment consultant / Executive Search Consultant for the company.
  5. Attend SCCCI, SBF functions, conventions, events, exhibitions, and other activities.
  6. Join a BNI Chapter and use that platform to generate more referrals and clients.

There you are, online, offline and digital marketing tips for recruitment agencies, hope this helps in your business.


Dougles Chan