Douglas Chan or Dougles Chan? Huh?? (Branding Lesson Here).

Every time when I meet someone new, there will be one question that always pops up and creates curiosity, the question is….Sorry how do I pronounce your name? Is it Douglas or Douggg Lesssss (Dougles)? I always tell them that they can call me Douglas with an “e” in-between?
Apparently I explained to them about how I tweak the “a” to “e” so that it created interest and curiosity and I gave them my 15 minutes branding speech on how I get this name and from there I am able to break the ice and more importantly they remember me from that day on.
This created a lasting impression with almost anyone I met….and that is what I wanted when I choose this name – Dougles Chan
You see, this is part of branding, marketing and packaging.
If you are going to choose a name for yourself or your business and your name is too common, it will take a longer time for you to brand it and create a lasting impression. If the name you choose is special, unique and create someone to think about it for a few seconds, it will make a certain impact when they were to visualize it.
When I Google the name – Dougles Chan, apparently it is page 1 and ranked number #1 over the world. However if I were to use Douglas Chan, my website will be lost in the Google ranking……Hence that is an added advantage if you were to choose something special and unique.
When I was doing a personal mentoring to individual, I always ask them a basic question: What makes you so special that the potential client MUST give you the business, most of them are not able to answer this question and I told them very honestly, if you are not special and unique you will be like one of them and most likely you will not get the business.
Some managed to derived with some interesting answers on the question above and one of the thing that makes the difference is the BRANDING, if you have a good brand and a good packaging and with something unique, your chances of getting the deal will be higher.
Yes it is truth, make yourself special and irresistible and your chances to get the deal will be even higher, there are no 100% way to get the deal done but there are ways to increase your chances higher compared to others.

Lesson to learn from here :

  1. You need to create something special and unique
  2. If you choose to be ordinary, your results will be ordinary
  3. It takes lessor effort to do BRANDING if you have something unique
  4. This unique “thing” must be something that shows who you are and what you do
  5. Unique can be simple and need not have to be too complex

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