Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, Reviewed by Chris Gillis

Becoming successful financially while in the recruitment industry can be a difficult thing to do, but this guide walks you through the process step by step.
The author goes the extra distance showing you the tricks he has learned over his time in the recruiting industry.
In the first section of the book the author goes over parts of his life before getting into recruiting.
This section is quite interesting to see how the author received his first interview and what has happened after it.
He takes the time to point out several items in this section and highlights them in “pointer boxes”.
These pointers are very important and could be something you could put on the wall as an inspirational motto.
As we got farther into the book the author leaves the company he was working for to start his own business.
This was his first business venture selling information to foreign companies.
At the same time the author was chasing his heart by following the love of his life.
Who rejected him at first, but eventually she comes around. They are married.
As the book continues the author continue his journey into the recruitment business, by showing an introduction to the business. 
In this section all the technical aspects of recruiting business are laid out right in front of you in clear easy to read language.
This is the real meat of the book we delve in the trenches of the recruitment business and the years of experience will be passed on to you. 
We get in the daily routine of a recruiter; showing what to expect and what thing you might come across.
The author goes to great length telling the real behind the scene story of what really is going on in the business.
Dealing with candidates for employment can be tricky, but we are helping using different management techniques that work according to the author.
One thing to remember is that our candidates are applying to work with many recruitment agencies, so we need to appease them to work with you.
One of the best sections in the book is the area that talks about marketing and setting yourself apart from others.
This also goes into the cold facts of what the numbers really mean for a recruiter and how these will affect you and your business.
From here the book turns in a type of question and answer book with subject that need to be learned and the correct way to learn by read something that has already happened to an experienced recruiter.
The chapter that proceed will give all the insight need to make you live as a recruiter much easier.
His “Make Money Formula” is something that everyone should read before even thinking about going down this career route.
Getting started in the recruitment industry can be a daunting task in itself, becoming financially successful is even harder.
This guide will show you the correct way to work the recruiting industry.
This is an amazing book full of information that is guaranteed to be an eye opener to anyone trying or is in the field of recruiting.
Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, reviewed by Chris Gillis

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