How Companies Can Recruit Better Candidates.

Recruiting good candidates is always a challenging issue with companies; especially since larger companies with better pay packages and better branding are seeking the good candidates. Hence, smaller companies who do not have that luxury of being able to give sky rocketing pay packages plus special perks will have a need to recruit in a different direction.
To start off with, you must identify the company’s distinct strength. A good question to ask is:
“Why should the candidate join your company? What makes you so special?”
The highlight is that you should not use MONEY as the determining factor to hire people. If you hire new staff purely based on MONEY, then one day, the person who was hired will move to another company because of MONEY too.
Ask yourself this question very honestly: why MUST the potential candidate join you instead of the other companies that have better branding, a better location, better perks, better packages, and better career advancement?  What makes you so different compared to the rest of them?
This is not an easy question to digest or even to think about. Many clients who consult with me are not able to answer this simple, yet TOUGH, question.
What makes you so different?
When we drill down to the company details, you will come out with these facts:
1)      My company has been in the market for XX years (Can you translate this to an advantage?).
2)      My company has XX number of staff   (Can you translate this to an advantage?).
3)      My company’s products or services are selling XX (Can you translate this to an advantage?).
4)      You can carry on and focus on other areas…
You see, my point is this: every company and every business is unique in a certain way; there is absolutely no way that it can be perfect, and it never will be. Hence, do not attempt to accomplish the impossible. Take stock of the advantages in your company, and present them to the candidate where it makes sense to them. And make sure to impress upon them that your company is a company worth joining.
You will not be able to convince everyone to join you, but you can increase the percentages. As long as you push the right hot button on the candidates, you will be able to win them over, and eventually, they will join you faithfully with complete loyalty.
In summary, find your company uniqueness and sell it to the candidate. If you do not know your uniqueness, ask your friends, colleagues, and family members about it. They may give you some insights that you might not have thought of! If you still cannot find the uniqueness, ask me then… LOL. I should be able to give you some ideas.