How to Create Unlimited PASSION on Your Job

Imagine if you are a candidate looking for a job and the recruitment consultant that is assisting you to source for a job looks “DEAD” and talks like a “ZOMBIE”? Would you feel great or feel excited on the offering giving by the recruitment consultant itself? Unlikely isn’t it?
Do you think this person will continue to be on the same job for the next 6 months? The answer is pretty obvious….Most likely that particular recruitment consultant will not be in that company or even in that industry after awhile.
Have you met someone of such nature? Well I am sure you have, it may not be in the recruitment industry but I believe in other places such as a shopping mall where you are buying things and the cashier or sales promoter just goes through the routine to “SERVE” you…. You will definitely feel the lack of PASSION and energy in this person and because of that, there is a possibility that you might not even buy from this person….
Well, if you would like to create more sales, have more customers, PASSION is so important that the distinct lack of it will usually boils down to the total sales or cases you will close for the month. Not just you need to be passionate with your customer, you need to be passionate with your boss and so with your fellow colleagues, with that, you will have the energy and motivation to carry on with the task you are suppose to do, isn’t it?
So how do you create passion on your job?
In fact, there are 2 answer for that:
First – Do you like what you are doing? If you do, you don’t need any motivators and any third party to push you to be passionate about it. It is all IN you.
Second – If you do not like your job, then you have to ask yourself the following questions and work things out:
a)      What is/are so interesting about this uninteresting role I am working on?
b)      List out 20 ways this role I am working on could be interesting about.
c)      What needs to happen to make the role more interesting?
d)     List out 20 things that could happen that will make this role EXTREMELY interesting.
After you have listed them out, work on at least one of it and most likely you will find something fairly interesting about what you are doing.
The Solution
The key thing is this – FOCUS on the things you think that is interesting and exciting. Put all your complains and things which are not that great to the “Re-cycle Bin” temporary and you can choose to retrieve them back if need later but at the present point, put all your effort and energy on the POSITIVE side of the role.  And you will need to re-focus on the POSITIVE side of the role every SINGLE day, as you could probably have a habit of staying monotonous for a while, one spark of PASSION for a day will not last you long, you will need to put the energy spark on your role everyday SINGLE day so that it will take over your previous habits.
Habits are not create within a single day, add the passion everyday into your life and after a few weeks, it will be automatically in you.
Good luck and live life with PASSION!