How to Improve the Quality of Your life

A Standard That is Lower

After talking to so many thousands of people throughout my life, I have seen so many people settling for a standard that they are not happy with. Take for example, they wanted to earn an income of $10,000 per month by venturing out on their own but due to the fact that because of the need to get a stable job and feed the family, they will have to settle for an income that is around $3,000 or lesser by getting a stable job.

Why Not?

When I ask them these questions, why don’t you DECIDE and pursue your dreams? Why don’t you take ACTION and go for your dreams? Most of them have the same answer – I have no choice, my friend, I have no choice….
Well, I am not too sure about “I have no choice” because I always believe that in life – There is ALWAYS a choice. The problem is, are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and move into a zone that is more risky but yet more rewarding?
Most of them do not have the courage to do so mainly because they are afraid, the fear the worst will happen. The fear of becoming a great failure….a great flop….

What is Failure?

What is fear? What is failure? Why don’t you relate them as a roller coaster in your life that you are the one sitting in the roller coaster itself? Your life will never be plain sailing anyway, that’s a fact and because it is going to happen anyway, it will go up and down anyway, why not engage the potential failure and learn from the lessons and why not learn the potential success and enhances  the success strategies and build a much better strategy?
There is no perfect solution and a perfect answer, but as long as you keen on going, I am sure you will hit a jackpot! The problem is, most of the people will let go of their dream before they reach their, they will give up haldway, settling on a standard they are not willing to go but having no choice they had to accept it.

The Story

There was a time where there was this lady who was working as a human resource personnel for over 12 years in an MNC. It was a stable life but at the expense of the family and kids because she will need to work long hours to get her job done. One fine day, this lady somehow visited my website and was inspired to make a difference in her life. She decided to resign from her current job and setup a recruitment firm that is able to help people to find jobs.
With some capital from the saving she had, she opened a boutique firm and started her adventure of becoming a boss of a recruitment firm, after which she had more time with her family, tripled her monthly income, work lesser hours and improves in the quality of her life.
Although I can say that her journey is never plain sailing, it was also full of ups and down for the business, but because she continue to focus on what she wants, keep on trying, never give up , change the methods that are not working, ask for assistance and invent new strategies and one fine day she did hit the jackpot….The rest are history….
How do I know the story about this lady? It is because I was her coach when her business was down,  well I told you that life is a roller coaster isn’t it?
She approached me and asks me how I am able to help her and I show her certain strategies and direction in the recruitment business so that she will be on the right path. Till now, she is considered one of my great friends among many others.

You Can Do It!

With a specific goal, a never say die attitude and with a bit of courage, you will be able to improve the quality of your life by many folds. It is the time when you decide that you wanted to get out of this zone.

It’s time to change for a better, it’s time to make your dreams come truth, it is now. Go for it, my friend, go for it!