How to Start a Headhunting Business.

Want to start a headhunting business? These are the steps you will need to take to create a successful headhunting business:
1-. If you do not, be prepared to hire someone into the business and learn the ropes from there. Not having the relevant experience will not be very advantageous.
2- Register your business with your local authority and other necessary government bodies for the licensing when needed. Ensure that you have chosen a great business name.
3- Determine the goals of the headhunting business, for example, how much revenue you would like to generate within one year? Two years? Or five years? How many staff you would like to have? What is your industry focus?
4- Create a great logo and a tag line, and get a great web designer to create the best website you can afford. Basically, it should not be more than $1,000 for a great website. If your vendor is asking for more than $1,000, drop me a note. I will help connect you to someone who can get it done for less than $1,000.
5- Create your business profile and marketing materials. The feel should be the same as your website
6- Create accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media accounts. Get friends and followers into the accounts.
7- Learn email marketing; it is a skill you must know.
8- Learn effective presentation and communication skills. If you want to be in the headhunting business, you will definitely need these.
9- Collect business cards and list potential clients from the Internet, directories, and trade show contacts. Compile them into a database.
10- Constantly send emails to the database to showcase your services.
11- Generate job orders and leads via email marketing and possible cold calling (if you have a very good telemarketer).
12- Meet up with clients, understand their requirements, and build rapport with them.
13- Follow up with their job orders and close cases.
This is just the basic process of starting a headhunting business. The actual detailed process is much more complex than this. For more information on how to start a headhunting business, please email to